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Cassava molasses is incredibly delicious and then also you know expanding on the repertoire of you know Thai dishes that we have so instead of just offering like I pad Thai recipe and I'm you know things of that nature I would you know we have we now that house or a which is great this time of year actually it's one of my favorite cold weather dishes what do you mean how do you make that it's it well it's just a it's a braised bone in chicken curry it's got kind of it's a little it's not quite as heavy on the cooking at mail because a lot of of some of the cars that were used to but it's also not like a quote unquote jungle curry that's just Prof so you know it's kind of in between I have brought that has a you know some influence from from the you know kind of a Chinese influence because of it it's a northern Thai dish but it also has a tumor can it and of course egg noodles and then it's topped with a fried egg noodle topping so you get it's like noodles Biggles two ways it's delicious I love that and we were also kind of expanding on a lot of American classics that were not covered in previous editions so things like Chicago style deep dish pizza strawberry soccer which is like a regional North Carolina and desserts kind of like a cobbler Appalachian apple stack cake batter cakes with St Louis specialty which you know I do we were really scratching our heads on that one because obviously arm is from Saint Louis and select I guess it maybe she just had and didn't like it but it's absolutely delicious uhhuh so it never made the book in one from her purse and I have the same now interesting the I would you know that is such a celebration of local cuisine over the last fifty years compared to what I've what do I know about fifty years before that I'm a youngster but but it's it is it is interesting to go back and celebrate those dishes when you talk about all these other things like the Thai food stuff it will really wasn't twenty years you could even go that you couldn't get those ingredients right or you would have to go to a specialty store owner yeah I find some other source for them but now they're so ubiquitous and I think people's pallets have also changed over the past twenty five years I think people are just.

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