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While I consider myself a student of political assassinations in one thousand, nine hundred sixty other people in the plans. They consider me an expert straight up I had a great time to black OP radio. We week go in the sex statement. We're talking to Pedro Fernandez. Who's been on the show? A few times on black OP radio I met him in San Francisco at one of the conferences. Conferences and it's always a pleasure to talk to you Hello Pedro. The Godfather of the JFK movement right now you are the gods. What Mr Mandelson pleasure to be here sir. Good I wanted to offer just some short amount of time to each guest that I've had on over the years as this is one thousand show twenty years in the making I've been calling it for everyone and. I know that you're a very positive about that so I just ask you for some comments about Blackhawks radio, and then and what you see in in research coming up, let me start off with fifty reasons for fifth years thought they would probably something they should won emmys or some kind of awards, and somehow it just got ignored by the mainstream media. Shame on them for that was probably one of the best productions ever put forth Blackhawk radio. Can I say it's my? Fix sort of hooked on you of likely like a heroin habit, but is a good thing every night around six o'clock six thirty here on the West Coast. It's time to listen to Lennon's wherever he happens to have on the air. Now. Of course I've been at this a long time I was a first first minute researcher when my principal came in my class Nike. Six three, hundred in the first grade said the president may kill. I wanted to know why and she said he was shot with a gun, so the only gunshot. Gunshot side ever seen in my life on TV where like cowboys Ninian's I thought that maybe somebody shot like on the street cowboys Indian style, of course as you get into the subject, and as you grow, and as you mature, you read books like like four days by UPI sort of started it in sort of got hooked on rusted judgment. Things like that so before you know it I was hooked, and I was hooked. Harnett couldn't believe it because you know when when you look at the the cases, a whole that magic bullet. Brought into the game that was that's that's like beyond. You know you really gotta be somewhere in another planet. Try to believe that one okay and the bullet itself doesn't match the rifle so therefore that sorta like history mister. Oswald Lee Harvey Oswald has a was James Woolcott of this. Payroll officer said in Nineteen, seventy eight before the house assassinations committee that Oslo was paid. Agent of the CIA paid operative, and then, of course. You've got jailbreak insane in that that that that Warren Commission memo that they had his CIA payroll number, so all the stuff has been out there for years and it just it just blows my mind. Nobody wants to pick it up I think the crux of the case was broken. Jack White told me just about twenty five years ago. He said listen. He's GonNa die soon. He was he. He did diaper another ten years. These guys who is the guy you need to keep your money on is John Armstrong. I see what you mean. He's the guy. He's the only guy that's got money. He can't be influenced by anybody he's got. He's got his own money. It can't be influenced. He goes. He's he's anal. He goes. He's more anal than I am. rested. Wouldn't you mean goes? He listened. He crosses every T- dots every not once, but twice so that SORTA got me into the Harvey elitebook and started reading that and started realizing. You know this sort of sort of. Answers a lot of questions. I mean hardy, getting on the bus and getting off the bus and getting in the cab ways cabinet taking over there to. Tobacco street they're out no cliffs, and then, of course you've got. coming down the grass, getting into a a a rambler car around with a station wagon knows witness by Roger Craig now. You can't have it both ways either. There is a harvey in Lee or there isn't and I think Mr Armstrong disproves the on a reasonably. Add Way on any shadow. The doubt that two of these guys existed in fact, I can't think of his name right now, but he wrote it Big Long Book in Dallas about the killing. And he wrote he spent twenty five or thirty years on it, and then he had to admit afterwards. John Armstrong was right. He spent thirty five years writing the book. Armstrong. took a bowling airline shot. John Narrow through your thinking Joe McBride Mister McBride exactly. What I will say this of all the authors that I've ever come in contact with he is limitless, honest guys. I've ever met in my life because when he was. He copped to it all these other guys like you know you try to get Thompson to amid the Bruder films a cartoon and he goes. He tried to get try to get. Robert Grown to omitted. The film is a hoax. It's a fraud that that there's no way in the world that there is absolutely no way in the world. That film is a hundred percent real I. was stake my life on it I would take my life to. When I was, stick my lifelong. Okay, but then again you. You've got Robert Road. That's been his his pet. Pete is baby, says what the nineteen seventy, so he can't come out and say the film the fake it makes him look bad, and you and I know the bills got more flaws in it than you can ever imagine any the shadows on the side of the car. The car's dull on one side sometimes shiny. Bodies are moving all over the place. And then you've got people in the middle of speed that are bigger people in the middle of the fifty feet, further than the car from the camera, and they're bigger than the people in the car I. showed you that pitch. Yeah, you did. Yeah, there's there's a lot of anomalies in the in the film. Say that. Anyway, yeah, but that's that's. That's building but I do. WanNa get into the fact that I've met wonderful people in this industry and I call it. Industry called the gay assassination industry. We're a tight group and I've I've been together with these guys. Ninety three act together from the thirtieth anniversary in Dallas Texas in the sort of sort of just sorta From them, but I wanNA mention some of the people that have passed on, and these guys were these guys. These guys were all stars. These guys were like like all pros. Football Teams in JFK's assassination community Larry our Larry Ray Harris I Larry Howard he in Harris. Both around the Jeff Guests Assignation Center in Dallas knows about a block and a quarter I. think wasn't a quarter of Main Street in Houston JFK center in around. Iran counterculture to the JFK sixth floor! Museum which stops at frame, three twelve or three eleven frame three eleven of Sabrina. Film was you don't see anything past that? As far as Yankee getting shot, which way his head goes between the blood brain barrier goes none of that kind of good stuff. Okay, but Larry Harris and Larry Howard. You know they were both part of the Roscoe white thing. Roscoe White was a cop in Dallas Texas, who was hired about a month, and a half before the assassination was also a marine, and he was stationed with Lee Harvey Oswald in Japan if my memory serves me correct, there's a picture of Lee Harvey Oswald with. MR, Roscoe Whiten it background and roscoe whites in the background and we harvey Oswald in the foreground. The line is these guys had some relationships together? Okay, so this guy becomes a dallas. Policeman gives work for the he works for the Photograph Department and then we find out..

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