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Get into the playoffs and i imagine they will eight games left they have a four and a half game lead i think it's safe to say they should get in john leicester eight hundred that's the biggest question mark for me the health of john leicester everybody's saying you know once the postseason starts he'll flip a switch usually that's a fair assumption but i'm sceptical because of what we've seen since he's got back from injury what do you think well yeah i agree in his spell little uneven since he got especially that last are orient strike at any one which was you know that john leicester at all but um you know i i it got two more starts left i think it it too early right now to worry about that if he goes through the next a couple starts unease is still struggling ben yeah sure but uh you know i think the thing now is to get get jake you know backed is you know hundred pitches hundred ten pitches whatever it is and then he'll you would think he'd be the number one guy iin kyle's pitching so well lately to of it you know it's it does struggle maybe put uh you know kyle number two and put leicester three wrigley field so uh um i don't know what it is a question and i agree that uh there is some concern there should be but i would say you should give him the benefit of the doubt truly glass you starts and then if he if he's still struggling maybe can deal with it and nobody coverage chicago baseball i've paul solvents solely from the trivia hanging out with sampan rich and myself live longer on the beat you know i saw you.

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