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This is the twenty minute vc with me harry stubbings and you can find me on instagram at h dubbing nineteen ninetysix it'd be amazing to see that but straight to the show stay and stays one of those absolutes that really makes me realize just how much i love doing the show as we welcome a truly incredible and inspiring figure in the industry so i'm very excited to welcome pooling lynch cofounder of both clack and lula but starting on lower the company brings joy to business travelers by finding the best flights with busy schedules and perfect hotels suit personal preferences to date pool is raised over forty four million dollars in funding with lola from the likes of crv excel general catalyst and gv just to name a few i'm prior to lola paul cofounded kayak the incredible success story that helps millions of travelers make confident travel decisions prior to their ipo pool raised over two hundred and twenty nine million dollars in vc funding from sequoia exceleye vp and general catalyst before they're reported one point eight billion dollars aquisition by priceline pool is also prolific philanthropist judah his successes had so much press attention including the tracy kit a book a truck full of money i do big thank you to my wonderful partner fred desktop for the insurance pool stay i really do so appreciate that how the before we don't into the episode today you must check out high five the firm making meetings better for thousands of organizations with insanely simple video conferencing design for meeting rooms with all in one hardware and intuitive clouds saw flat high five provides a high quality experience with industry leading audio powered by dobie voice and it's so easy to use there's no pin codes amp downloads just click lincoln your browser and you're in the meeting with customers and over one hundred countries high five is already trusted by the lice of worby parker evernote expensive i and bassim and and you can learn more by simply heading over to high five dot com and finally in a world where your team and a retention is everything culture is front and center and that's why culture i'm comes in culture is the platform that makes it easy to collect on the stand and act on employee feedback from on boarding surveys to companywide engagement individual activeness and more the platform.

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