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Lanes rather with an accident. Adt business one Twenty-one, and it's going to back from about main street now so that delay has actually grown since our last report and the express lanes that you have at your disposal are pretty much jammed up the same way. So it's going to be a street for you. If you wanna take business one Twenty-one bypass a little bit of the traffic credit work your way, south that might help out and we'll go to south Arlington because this is by far the biggest delay in Tarrant county. Randy eastbound twenty Kelly Elliott left lane is open. Traffic backed up in the forest hill from England drive and southbound traffic on eight twenty is backed up from bury St. southbound three sixty riverside. There's a wreck on the right shoulder backup stretches past one eighty three in Arlington. It's slow right around six flags eastbound thirty from Cooper to three sixty and westbound. From one sixty one to ballpark way dot Collin county. We have a problem northbound on seventy five, and that's going to be just after gallatin Parkway, the right lane is blocked. That's the reason for that backup that we have however brief from about arapahoe after you pass that just north of the Bush turnpike. We did have a caller tell us. There was another problem around that plano Parkway area. So just watch for that. It'll be a little heavy. Southbound delays were actually worse on that end of things from legacy down to plano Parkway. And in Dallas county, we're pretty much in the clear, no accidents. That problem in mesquite, northbound six thirty five cleared. But now you have southbound traffic that kind of stretches from about Ferguson down to at least gross road. Julian Rogers next report at six eighteen and breaking traffic alerts when they.

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