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And then crash which he does to me. So you clean up your act a little bit better and but but you know, you're, you're in your life, your real life, you're, you're signifty. And other or your children or your friends, you know, kind of have to all take a back seat to, you know, this month Aston kind of thing. I'm especially if it's a long play like a two and a half, three hour play where you're you need vocal. I, it strenuous vocally terms of just physically yet the rest, certain parts of the instrument during the day. And you got to go to the doctor a lot. You know you're checking in with you. Make sure you're, you're not going to catch a cold. And if you do get a cold, you wanna get get it out of there fast. And so go to your voice doctor in your. Your nose and throat. Yeah, it's it's a bit of a it even though you're only working, let's say you're working. I mean by Toby people say you must be exhausted. Well, I only worked sixteen hours this week, really. That's when you add up the actual hours of it's a beach banker's hours. I mean, it's really not a lot, right, but you're get your day and your life is sort of geared to those. It's focused on those sixteen hours. So yeah, and after many decades of doing plays, it probably informs your. Nonworking demeanor in terms of you like things to be in a certain. Controlled schedule, and therefore when things as they do in life, throw you out of that schedule. You have to life improvise. And does that become a little more difficult as the years go on? It does in the other thing too that I cannot fail to mention is that along with all these other things, you know, sleep and next guy at MoMA, then you got your demons to deal with your demons. Yeah, and that's a whole 'nother thing when you're doing a play, right? Because they're. They they once they appear. Once they surface, they're there to stay. You know, they're not going anywhere. And these are insecurities these concerns. These are. These. Are those those things that. On any given day my going to crash in burn, am I going to drill really? Truly think, yeah, doesn't matter how successful doesn't matter what the reviews are..

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