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Tiffany, and why is it important as native people that we have fiction literature? I can't really attest that books in themselves. I mean, basically, stories are the backbone of Native American culture, right? I mean, we're storytellers. And everybody will say that for you. But let's see, like, for instance, one of my big contentions, my bones is contention is the fact that for so many decades and decades and decades ever since the Native American literature, that non native writers have sort of had the bulk of all of the novels that are being published. And when I see books like shutter and when I say see books like Devin's books and this other Marcy Rendon, she's later sign a should not be. And she has a mystery series. That's doing really well. So when I see these books coming out, I think, well, goodbye, Tony hillerman. He doesn't get to reign supreme as the leading representative of southwestern. This is a slice anymore, you know? She's not native. And with so few indigenous books written by indigenous writers, it's as acceptable for non native writers to write these books and for publishers to publish them and for readers to even buy them. Up until very recently. And I mean very recently, this was how things were. Yeah, and I want to remember that. Hillerman is making a huge resurgence with the dark wind series and what's your thought on that that, you know, he's still being celebrated all these years later with this new series. I know. And it's really weird to me, especially in light of the fact that there are so many amazing, wonderful books that are talking about really authentic things that are entrenched within the culture that people like hillerman wouldn't have any understanding of. And shouldn't even really be talking about, you know, it's just, it's not as culture. And I watched that series and I had a good time watching it, you know, made a lot of people upset because of the representation. And just the errors and the cultural inaccuracies and things like that. But I mean, it was still a good show, but hopefully we'll see more content coming out that's from native perspectives. It's authentic from native perspective. Okay. Well, Tiffany, you also have something new to share with us today an audiobook. I could say that I have an audiobook that came out.

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