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If when Alabama was bad before Sabin got there, did they feel worse about themselves than they do today? Actually not. Here's Alabama football. I mean, there's Bryant and then they're saving in the interim was terrible. I mean, Alabama. How to coach, Alabama, a coach, Mike, do bows wanna championship, but got fired because he was having a relationship. Dennis Francioni came next and he was replaced by a Mike price who never got to his first game because he got into a scandal and then they had more more failure. But at every juncture, Alabama fans either would live off the past or look to the future. They are not. They're not a group that ever doubts who they are and what they are going to be. But but I think your overall point is a good one, but I will tell you one story, Harvey Updike back to him. I got to know him. Not that I really wanted to, but I did. He came to visit me once or twice. I actually visited him in jail and he, I asked him one time. It may have been in jail. I mean, he's in an orange jumpsuit and I said, Harvey, why didn't you do this? Why did you go to a store by pesticide and poison tree? He said, because I had to, I said, you had to. He said, yeah, he said Auburn, cheated to get Cam Newton. We were head of them twenty four to nothing, and and he called him scam. Newton scam Newton brought them back. And then they had the nerve to desecrate the bear Bryant statute at Bryant. Any stadium he said, and I had to do it. I said, you had to do it for whom I did it for Nick Saban. He said, because he couldn't do it himself. And I mean my, he was dead serious. He felt like he had done this. I mean, I'm sure a great defense lawyer could have gotten them off. I think in the end it was some type of insanity plea. I don't know what it was because the guy the guy was off his rockers to a certain degree, but a lot of Alabama fans liked him. They felt like he was standing up for them. Now the elites. The the, the elite alums who sit in the boxers, they wanted nothing to do with this guy. Remember rand, Joe Scarborough's become friends with this guy. This guy should be banned. So of course, he's banned. I mean, this guy back on campus, Joe, but that. That's the economy of a fan base. You always have the the upper crust. Then you got, and I relate. I mean, don't ask me why. I mean, I, we were not wealthy. We were middle class people, and I'm not running for public office on on some socialist campaign, but but I relate to the the average fan who who, who is scorned by by those wealthy people. And they say that this is a part of another part of what we do is they say the those who didn't go to the school have no right to cheer. That's ridiculous. I mean, this is pro football where everybody's a family if you want to cheer for Alabama because you live in Alabama, you you live in Kansas City. That's great. You're still the same fan as the guy who pays fifty thousand one hundred thousand for the box. We will continue in a moment with more of my conversation with Paul finebaum. But I, I want to tell you about linked in, you know, the right hire can make a huge impact on your business, and that's why it is so important to find the right person, but where do you find that into. Visual. You could try posting on the job boards, but can you.

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