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That is correct. I was hoping i could read haraguchi. Make you think that that's to easy. So that okay i feel like ken jennings or jennings here because i know so much about this show for the most part just in my head in ways that like. I've forgotten how to drive but i know everything about irish. I feel at all in k. Here question danny looks like yes. Nick has in fact gotten a library card. So congratulations nick. Way to go a question number five. What was the topic. The subject of discussion when the phrase we're all trash here was coined was a tv. Be fan fiction c. movies or d. Manca fuck i for certain that it was x. Men sorry paul. i'm going say fan fiction. It was the same that seems like the right choice manga. It was maga while okay okay. Everyone in the chat is very surprised that it was not x. Men as well. So brian stop gas lighting. This is another one might surprise you. Question number six. Which episode was the origin of mike wrapping our historian. Was it a episode. One seventeen special guest matt or was it be episode one twenty eight as someone who went to the liuw. Was it see episode. One thirty one pride and joy shame and scandal or was it d- episode one. Thirty four good reads pick of the month the long halloween. These guys buzzed in quicker than i did. Smokes oh yeah. You'll just all buses since paul i. It seems obvious. But i'm pretty sure it's mike into the loof whatever. It is in fact mike. But that's another one of those. I was hoping you'd think it was too obvious. I was gonna say that episode. I might have said some dumb shit on that interview. So i don't know a ben i mean you know. And that's where we got our infamous fan art by fans show slash guest show. Danny martinez is beautiful. Print that out tattooed on back. Thank you appreciate that question number seven and this time. I'm not going to give you the multiple choice. Be more fun this way out now so he just buzzing and give me your best guess whoever's closest without going over we'll get the point. How many episodes feature mike. Nick ample should i chief. Can i cheat okay. I'm going to go with a quarter. So about fifty seventy you have gone over the next.

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