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The every one of those days where you zip up your pants and you're like what the heck he wanted somebody shrink these things on me what is going on here what's interesting is when we are bloated it feels like we've gained weight and sometimes you have gained weight on the scale not talk about why that happens but a lot of times is just bloating it's not necessarily fat gain or that you've gained a permanent way but you've definitely gain some water weight so in this episode i'm going to share with you simple quick tips to help you lose the bloat fast walking to join zhou jue leaders of near jars bestselling author celebrity fitness trainer obsessed with helping you lift your dream life whether you had a crazy weekend or maybe girls night out perhaps he just came off vacation or you've just for whatever reason feel really loaded today and it doesn't make sense maybe you've got this important event this weekend and you wanna look phenomenal in that form fitting dress now i'm not one for quick fixes but inflammation especially acute inflammation is something that came out quickly so i have a problem with you trying to get rid of it quickly especially if you understand what's going on in why this is happening the first thing i have to share with you is that my goal is never to insult your intelligence i know you're super smart so i'm gonna give you these quick tips and i'm gonna make this a short episode but eight don't want to insult your intelligence by just giving you tips about helping you also understand like what's going on your body because if you understand what's going on in your body you can make really good decisions for yourself that may be aren't answered on this podcast like let's say for example your girlfriend calls and she's like okay i've got this amazing little pill a week.

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