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Food in like bags from organizations that send them to them right or things like that. Or they might just have severe malnutrition to begin with and so- scurvy is very very common. Like, you kind of mentioned. It's very very common syndrome that comes along with generalized, malnutrition, right? And part of that is because since vitamin C. You can't store it in your body for very long. It's it's not one of the first things necessarily that you'll end up like dying from, but it is something that relatively early on like within a month or two of having not in a food. You can end up with scurvy of scurvy the other populations that it can happen to our lower income populations that can't afford fresh fruits and vegetables because the thing about vitamin C is that it breaks down relatively easily. So even if you're eating foods that in theory have vegetables. In them, if they are all canned foods, or they're all microwaved to oblivion then you're not actually getting any of the vitamin C that might be in those foods. So even though you're eating a can of chicken tortilla soup that has bell peppers in it, you're not getting any of that vitamin c from those Bill peppers. And that's an actual real case that I found in Houston of a woman who was eating only chicken tortilla soup to try and lose weight and she ended up with scurvy diagnosed in Houston couple years ago, trying to wait. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. And so so there's kind of we've already hit on to population. Just one kind of soup one soup. Did she say why she chose that particular soup? What brand quote chicken soup? So I got for you. Anyways. Yeah. Eat your vegetables. Yeah. I mean, that's sort of the the long and short of it. Yes. We can happen in low income populations. It can happen in displaced populations. It can happen. Also in populations maybe with mental illnesses who aren't eating who maybe who aren't eating at all who or who aren't eating fresh, fruits and vegetables. Maybe they're only eating toast, or they're only drinking something or whatever. Right. Yes. There are definitely still populations both in this country in every country. Definitely is still an issue. It still happens. The only numbers that I saw some articles claimed that the overall rates of scurvy or of vitamin c deficiency rather not of scurvy necessarily could be anywhere from two percent or seven percent in countries like the US to up to forty five percent in in other countries and the other population. In that it can happen to is children whether because they're very picky eaters, or because they also don't have access to foods that are fresh. I also read something speaking populations bachelor scurvy. Was some attorney that was used frequently. And this was to refer to old older men, lived alone or widower scurvy who lived alone, and this was largely in like the early nineteen hundreds and just did not need any fresh food. They just eight. Yeah. Yeah. It definitely is an older populations are especially at risk for sure because they might not be eating much at all..

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