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The transition of woman to a mother and all that happens in our lives and how we can best move through this with grace with gratitude without yelling without burning out without getting adrenal fatigue without relationships falling apart. Because let's be honest. That's what seems to happen. The so many of us at the moment from we try and do all that is required of us is being a few really big light bulb moments. Really big aha moment. Says i would say about some. I think missing paces. In what i've been trying to understand for the last ten years about what it means to be a mama and what it means for me myself. Of course fiddle sipho everybody and how we might be able to do better however might be able to support each other and ourselves to be in this current time of our life which is motherhood but do it with so much more as an acceptance. I have realized. I think i'd nine it for a while. But in the process of this study and this research in his writing of this new book. I have realized more and more. Just how little i accepted. Motherhood what it meant for me for probably six years the first six years of motherhood what i mean by that is that looking back. I can say that. I thought i would put motherhood into a bit of a compartment in my life but i hear i would still be the old amy at work at still the old enemy in my marriage. I'd still be the irony in my dreams and ambitions. in fact i remember the very fist blog. I started not long after my first child was born nine ten years ago. Now was the tagline. Was it was something like you. Don't have to put yourself on. Hold while raising your family. That was my badge. And i really believed an i think in hindsight hung onto tight to this idea that i am still me that i am still who i thought i was. And i didn't allow myself any space or time or compassion to really reflect on what motherhood now meant and so what happens when we joined accept this when we don't truly except that evade thing has changed. That's when we get overwhelmed. That's when we get angry. That's way let those stories in our head run wild. That's when we don't saranda and be in the moment now. This doesn't mean we give up on our dreams. No this doesn't mean that we don't still pursue the lifeway want and do all the things we want to do. It just means that we look at life through what i'm calling at the moment mama tinted glasses so united saying you look at the world through rose tinted glasses. I think we have to understand that for a good chunk of our lives. It's clearly this is a good chunk of hell lives. We have to look at everything through mama tuned into glasses and all my god. That's hard isn't it. I think that there is a lack of acknowledgment of the grief. And the change that we go through we do need to say goodbye to it and then we start again and so in all transitions in all cultures up until our very masculine very outward based focused world and culture that we live in all of these transitions. Were acknowledged celebrated. They was a process of acknowledging. That who you were has gone now but who you a-coming is so much better. And they were these initiations in ceremonies and handing down of knowledge is and handing over of wisdom and it was such a beautiful prices that we have wiped out completely wiped out from our lives as women right now and i truly believe looking back at the last ten years. It was that struggle that constant struggle to figure out. I don't know what this means for me. I joined nowhere. I start and they finish. I don't know how to do all of this. That's what it was for me so much. When we just put these mama tinted glasses on i and we realized that that is now how we view the world and we accept that then we value and redefine who we are. And then you don't feel like you're putting yourself on hold as i can tell you that putting yourself on hold. Is they finish hall. Ground for resentment it can go two ways content. We are the feel resentment and anger and like we just have lost ourselves or we go the other way and sometimes you have a bit of both. I've had a bit advice. You go the other way and try and overcompensate by trying to feel so much space with things that you feel valuable because you can't just say the mother. So i see all the time with all the mummies of coach diabetes hundreds and hundreds of members that i've connected with this two reactions to this sense of loss. We either drowning it. Or we completely overcompensate by starting a business in volunteering for the pta t. a. and taking that promotion at work and banking a weekend for the neighbor down the road and having all this pressure on ourselves because we have to overcompensate for that loss but if we just acknowledged it truly if we just acknowledged it gave ourselves the permission the care and the space to say okay. Whoa what is this. Main may not truly think it would be different a case. I have something. Well.

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