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Or would you now any other medium for storytelling and books i mean i i grew up one of you tony morrison so no legend even imagine televisual so the idea that there could be some bigger world some more magical way of making things i'm always excited when new technology comes out and always the first one to want to try it the possibilities feel and listen exciting right now which is what excites me we're in this sort of wild west period to me it feels like because nobody knows where we're going to settle on you can put stories anywhere right now and that's cool to me and it feels like once we figure out how to get the technology and the creativity of the of storytelling to meet the possibilities are endless and also the technology has enabled the thing i briefly flew by earlier binge viewing which is a a recent phenomenon since you've been doing shows very and how do you think does that change the storytelling process it all you always had a bible for the whole season beforehand right now i just always we're going to end so for me the only way i can really comment on that is that i have a show that's been going on for fourteen seasons and so there are the people have been watching it for fourteen seasons and then there are the 12yearold girls i'd encounter in the grocery store who watched two hundred ninety seven episodes in three weeks seriously and it's a very different experience for them because they been inside of something really intensely for a very long period of time in for very short period of time in a very intense way and them the story has a completely different arc and a completely different meaning because it never had any breaks it's like visiting a country and then leaving it it's raining amazing novel and then putting it down i mean i think that is the beauty of the experience you don't necessarily have to watch something for fourteen seasons it's not necessarily the way everything supposed to be.

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