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I would give up, go swimming instead. Of course that I wrote notes From my mother. Please issues guard. From school yesterday he wasn't feeling well. And of course, they were adopted. With her signature. Had So apparently thing either accepted it or decided it wasn't worthwhile while pursuing. I, don't know. But you know once I got to New York City, of course I I went to this high school performing arts. Therefore, I was surrounded with people who had the same interest before they are said that time taught not just drama but they taught music photography and dance all of those and strange that photography was part of that curriculum there I didn't take any the courses there. We were required to take some sort of a dance class. So once or twice a week, which is not my forte. SORTA ballet or maybe modern dance although I enjoy modern dance very much these days to watch not to do I don't have any. Talents here. I know sooner finished high school when I got involved with A little later or or in New York City, and one of the plays I was in was directed by a pretty well known at least theater director by the name William Ball and he directed a play call Ivanov which is a checkoff play. And he was involved mostly with classical theater and he knew someone or some people at Ashland Oregon and recommended that they see me and accept me as an apprentice a and they do just shakespeare there at actually or they did at that time they may do other place there now. and. So I got involved with doing summer stock mostly Shakespeare. But then I also did in Nyack New York where my mother then was living finally moved to. A play or they brought in what's called package plays with stars and I had the looked to play a rather large. Fart. Out With Joan Blonde del who was certainly very famous actress in the forties. Play by the name of Come Back Little Sheba where I played Arne. Ed while I was back on the east coast I went to Burlington Vermont did Shakespeare's Stratford. Group twenty players in Massachusetts. And people kept saying to me go if few should go to. Hollywood, you should go to Hollywood you know. So I finally I bet woman at young lady at the time in Burlington Vermont. I was doing Shakespeare and played Marquette Antony in Julius. Caesar. Here. Who is to have to? Their What was I? GonNa say. So Sh I went to Hollywood with Then she was an actress too and waiting for the phone to ring which never happened. For quite a while. Would do plays here in Hollywood and call agents up you really have to have had an agent to get into the studios in those days. And I couldn't get an agent down to see me in anything. But what? I did was a play that was directed by Bruce. dern. who you may may not be aware of, but he's super well known actor was up for an academy award a few years ago for his portrayal in Nebraska. anyways Bruce said to me God. He's he said, you know you're very good actor. Do you have an agent and I said no I don't have an Asian I can't get an agent to get here to see me and He said use my name tell them that Bruce. Dern told that you know say say to them that he suggested you come down and see him in this play. and. That's exactly what happened. I call some agents pretty well known agent came down to see me. He asked me he wanted me as a client I said yes. Yes. Yes. Of course of course. And I began to work a little bit. Then I think the very first show I did was an FBI with I think it was Brad Stillman but I'm not sure the actor's name. And then. You know I did a Mannix, all these shows. You mentioned on the show is that I read up on your Few things that are clearly missing like Mannix is not their feelings aren't there So that's always a problem with I'm glad I'm glad to actually talk to you to get more information. But accord I'm. The first ruler listen it was from twelve o'clock high. Played. It was a World War Two drama you appeared in was that your first? Day of work or is it is the first thing you did that aired That was the very first show I was ever in and the interesting thing about it is when they played, I never saw it and then I saw that somebody had a copy of it for sale and I thought well I'll I'll watch it I'll buy it and watch it and even though I do have credit. For playing this part, I have not in it I am not in in the television show at all. Cut, me out. I don't know whether it was because I was so bad. I don't think. So it was probably a question of timing. You know they have a certain amount of time to put the show together for the commercials and everything and they decided that it was something that wasn't needed and I ended up on the cutting room floor, but I have credit. Hit. Which I think is very funny. You're listening to act as being two different episodes. So we're both appearances cut or is there just some wrong information on your IMDB page twelve o'clock I know I never heard from them again, you heard from him again, but the year didn't run for very long time. You know what what happens here is you have an agent who keeps the Busy admitting you and a casting director somebody Mites you know and you get to go in and see these people but they never did call me back and who knows why you know but it's it's unusual actually to be called on the same show back again to do the parts that I I was doing although it did happen on the soap operas. Times I was called back now. Obviously, you've had so much experience in theater at that point, but twelve o'clock high being your first TV appearance, what was it like for you to walk onto the set for the first time and see everything see how different it was well, number one you you've you've feel is when you're on stage, you feel at least I feel I think most actors feel that there is an excitement of working in front of a live audience and there's an energy that is being put forth because you need to reject to an audience out there. the twelve o'clock high I stood around waiting naturally before they got to me and I thought my God these people are are not doing anything. They're just kind of talking. You know nothing. Really energetic. Here which is it's a different form of acting generally speaking I would say, and so when my turn came to actually do my part. which was a pilot. And it was full of exposition, which is very difficult to do I find because you have nothing to hang your hat on you do you're just trying to come up with numbers and times and things like that right? Where you're not involved emotionally where you have something to spring from. But the actor who was the star of the show I believe at the time wasn't there he had a dental appointment or something he was gone. So the very first time I ever appeared on television. I was literally talking to thin air. Nobody there. which you find later on if you continue. In this business that quite often if you're dealing with movie stars or television stars, they're not they're you know they have usually a standard that you can look back. So I found it very nerve wracking the the very first time I worked the other times I worked I mean is that recall I was? It wasn't exposition. It was talking to someone you know which I found a lot easier some not long after that, we come to your first star Trek appearance and that was hard of the second season of the show. So I'm curious before we talk about how you got onto the show. Did you ever Star Trek before before you got on it? No no I didn't. I had never watched it It was at that time for me. It was great I gotta part and show you know like any of the others. Oh, I gotTa Park. It didn't mean anything Oh look at this star Trek I love Star Trek. I didn't really watch much television for whatever reason You know just didn't interest me that much although I mean I did watch some of course but I never. No, I never watched star. Trek. Never had. Now, of course, I have. So, tell us not. I cast to appear on the show. Well, I got a call from my agent saying there's a part on a show called Star Trek keep in mind he said the part that you are reading for is a kind of a wise guy. And I had come to the conclusion by that time having been in Hollywood that they have a tendency to type cast.

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