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Calm, no nonsense, just common sense and from Oakland International Airport, the heart of the Bay Area and the soul of the East Bay with flights to Hawaii, Mexico and across the USA Oakland airport dot com. Afternoon. My name is Michelle Hannigan. Hillary Walker will be back after market place that we look at traffic. And then at 4 30 on all things considered. Dr. Rachel Levine is the first openly transgender federal official confirmed by the Senate. The newly appointed assistant secretary for health in the Department of Health and Human Services, will talk about her trail blazing role after the newscasts on all things considered. The program starts at 4 30 here on KQED. This is marketplace. I'm kind result. If you have been out in the world of late, you've surely seen all those plastic dividers separating you from other people or other people from your ideas. Like those pictures of people wearing masks, or those six FT markers on the floor of a grocery store. Those places glass barriers have become a clear symbol of this pandemic economy and as such, they are a business opportunity as well. Michael Spur, is the co owner of California Acrylic Design. It is a real small business here in l. A doing those barriers and other stuff, Michael. Welcome to the program like I glad to be here. So back in the before time say, like, last February, Uh, what kind of stuff were you making? Well, we've always made a lot of furniture, art framing industrial covers to cover machines. Display cases. And, of course we we sell a lot of acrylic. That's just cut the size. And then the bottom falls out in in March ish and what happens to your order book? Well it No, we get the stay at home order. We didn't even know if we were allowed to be open after that, So you know, we cut our productions. Three days a week. But wow, within 10 days, the barrage of emails the phone's ringing people needed those screens for counters and desks. Yeah, I imagine there was some desperation. There was, of course, they were always in a hurry. And we have four employees up to five at the most. And then we're just cranking it out as fast as we could do. I have it right that you've got A contract from the T s a out of l A X. I mean, those that's not a small customer. No, it's not. It makes you wonder how they found us. But they're the agents sit behind these podiums and they needed to be covered at the front and two sides of the podium and we ended up making something along the order of G 140 of those things plus covering their break room tables. So that was that was one of the biggest sales we've ever had, I'd say. Kind of funny that this giant government bureaucracy found little low. Y'all, you know? Well, I think we've done a pretty good job of staying on top of our Internet in terms of it being an easy find. Look at that's smart. That's smart. As you sort of got going. Did you have a decent supply chain? Were you able to get the stuff you needed to make what your customers wanted. There was a shortage and it reared its head by the end of April. You would just be hearing from your distributors that there's a weight on that. And of course, the first thing to get knocked out is thesixties oversight sheets. Six ft by eight ft sheets. Yeah, of course. Um, And how long did it last? Where where people were in this panic mode. I mean, you you walk into any place now, and they've all got those sneeze. Guards right, So has demand falling off. Well, it was sky high through perhaps September. Then it did slow down for you know all the way through February. We're starting to see that demand go up again, like dramatically just in the last two weeks as California is gearing up for full reopening. Hmm. You know, honest. Honestly, If you have this conversation with me three weeks ago, I would have said I don't know is this is never coming back. Wow. That's that's a little terrifying it is. You know, we didn't bother with the P P P loan the first time because we were so busy and I guess we figured well that that's for bowling alleys and restaurants and places literally taking a hit, But we had to go for the second time immediately. There was a big slow down to slow down like we hadn't seen for so many consecutive months. Michael Spur. He is one of the co owners of a company right here in Los Angeles. Getting by making plastic screens in this pandemic. It's called California Acrylic Design. My Thanks a lot. I really appreciate.

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