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No Oh my gosh that would be. I could not do deal with that now of in front of the door to slow no dresser dresser the but see the thing about your dad is like. I think he's embarrassed by that at all. No he would bring up ever. You would never bring it up. No Palm would've screamed bloody murder at you for like twenty minutes is there is a one time. I came home like fifteen minutes after curfew. And she's like do you need. Birth Control. Should look at Carolina. Liz about and that was all I needed. Why your handshakes shakes. When you're drinking in front of your death. Joel Shock Buddy. Anything else to add tesna great. This has been T- thank you for listening. Thanks for being on guys was great. Whoa just original three times now. Don't not being a jerk be tacky. Don't be theft. You guys are GonNa love the listen to this again. When you're so this shit out we're GONNA throw to. He edited together to say a whole bunch of Shit at the end of the episode. Me When you post this on facebook. Because of my father listens to this I will be grounded..

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