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You're an asshole. You guys made a lot of money on it. Because there's a lotta assholes out here in dubai ever let's say mcnabb won three super super bowls. He leaves you buy that in the dolphin jersey. If he would've won one six relisting six six five seven seven. Got the over club. And by the way the nfl they come out with ed sheeran. What is never sheeran shirts and sweatshirts must must have these demographics similar. Ed sheeran fans. I don't know everyone. Does rick ross famously. Said that ed sheeran put him drank him under the table. Miami one night really. He said they drank so hard all night and he said that they wanted to the studio six. Am she knows a good. Start laying down tracks. They'll go to sleep. I think. Rick ross might not be able to hold his his booze. I think that he's like type guy that gets real drunk and like just ask for snacks. And i know that. Because i've seen footage of doing it but i think if ed sheeran or my question do you think ed sheeran is still exclusively fucking supermodels. Supermodel no i don't think so. I think he's to a woman who like he's right to a regular woman really model quality. I'm sure she's very pretty. But i think she. I don't think she the super bowl. I don't think she's famous. She's just a regular english. Check like matt damon and bartender with a kid. Yes i believe. So he's gonna. We hasn't kid with someone on the as his wife. Three kids with now. 'cause i just say the f word that's his twelve year old daughter Jia i believe. I'm literally i literally just read. He's on the cover this month. I literally just read the article. I read the cover article ezekiel. It's one of the best exposes every every month. The cover article of g q where you said that you read in. Gt that you're supposed to wear something everyday and it scares you fuck you fuck. That was when i was twelve. I read that today. Fuck you today. Nothing really. I guess the socks just a little pop. These these are in honor of the parcel sportsbook being in arizona. At the overslept today. So fuck you have a little little southwestern flair to new mexico also. Tom brady has a Here's an early right. Does he have like bridget. Moynahan been. I believe his name is what do you know all these celebrities. Kids name they posted can take. It was covering the mike. I'm probably you couldn't hear me for a while. Just a sweet little story at sharon. His wife for childhood friends went to the same high school. They always thought that had a crush on her but she left to go to university in america making a romance rather complicated she so he got famous so we had a reason to go to america. Beautiful fucking supermodels. Chris so he stopped me. Said i'm gonna stop fucking supermodels and i'm going to settle for the girl. Bella hadid or some crazy shit like that. That is it. Sounds like a mistake or she would probably just like monogamous to him while he was sowing wild. Oats never down. You just got married guys the fuck a lot of women. I don't know can you women from me. We'll do tommy. I'll be like disproportionately amount that doesn't make sense of proportionate amount for this is. This is the story. I tell all the time. I veto brandon. It's one of my favorite stories. I was one day walking to either a bar movie theater. I forget where. I was on my own tommy's walking up third avenue with a beautiful woman. Right we're just blonde woman tie. The lululemon is going to believe she was in a crop top. She looks very pretty. Tommy didn't even consider saying hi just walked right by me. I didn't see him in the moment and the next day. He said it to me. And i was like. Yeah if you were pumping what they normally do you and your boy was. What do you think you were saying. And then she was very pretty. Tommy tommy.

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