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And quite frankly, I don't know where their values are about where government needs to play a role and what government needs to do is to help people as we strive for economic security. Congresswoman, the original budget proposal was $6 trillion from senator Sanders. The budget committee came back with a compromise at 3.5 trillion. Reports as of today say that we're hovering around 1.7 to 1.9 with proposed cuts. And again, like you say, the top line is not necessarily the issue. It's the proposed cuts to programs like paid family leave and objections to the climate provisions in the Bill. If Republicans were in power, would they be negotiating against themselves? Absolutely not. Absolutely not. And my fear with regard to the child tax credit if we end this view that we extended only a year, which is, I believe is a very serious mistake, and we will miss an unbelievable opportunity. And I'm going to pressure, by the way for, you know, for there to be a framework that's enduring for benefits for kids. And their families. And if you think about it, one year, you put everything at risk to the political winds. And we shouldn't. Our children should not be subjected to political wins. No, the Republicans would not be negotiating against themselves and quite frankly, senator mansion is a negotiating against himself. He continues to negotiate on those issues that he says are important to our important to him. Now, I understand financial constraints. I do a listen. You know, so if we are not going at 3.5, which seems to be the case and we're moving down. But let's take a look at where the biggest impacts are being made in order for that economic security for families. I think about as I said child care, paid family and medical leave, we found out what happened during this pandemic where people lost jobs, not through their own fault. They had no income. Et cetera. And we're the only industrialized nation in the world that doesn't have some sort of a paid family and leave program. And I look at the child tax credit. Climate is another important effort. So let's take a look at some of them. We can also be creative as to how you can stage or phase in some of these other pieces and put that into practice. I have thought very hard about the appropriations process, which I'm engaged in, which says, what can we pick up an appropriations? Over the next few years, because these are plants that are over ten years. And so there are a number of creative ways to be able to make look at those that are most impactful move forward on that and move to get other things done. My view has been, let's do a few things do them well and not do a little bit here a little bit there. And you get almost nowhere. So like we've discussed congresswoman, it seems like there's a gap between people knowing what is in the Bill. And the action that is necessary. So my group of girlfriends from college, for example, we were all on a group text and we're all college educated really smart..

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