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Hey welcome back back. Saying i'm steve. And this week. I got adami roast with me miles how you doing. I'm doing all right. I feel like. I'm really getting a feel for albert pune these days. That's that's the only feeling you really need in your life said valentine's day you wanna really experience love. You watch our pune movie. He'll teach you a thing or two especially if you like really like muscular women. That's kind of. That's kind of his thing. Also joining us. jack. Jack how you doing. You're representing the most fear women out there. You're the most muscular woman i know. Thank you. Steve was a trip to ohio. It was it was beautiful. I stayed at one of the fanciest. Hotels downtown columbus. With a beautiful view of a multi-storey carpark donning wonderful time was at the hyatt marriott. Aw the marriott okay. Classy is also had at curtains that spanned the whole length of each wall. It was like a coroner ruminated curtains. That run the whole length of the wall. Which makes you think that you have massive windows. But the windows are regulars is just just incredible. Views that columbus Cape right of multi storey car park and at the top of the building. Next door's aircon units. Just a beautiful. So last time. I was in columbus. I had to go there for work and was in. The back of an uber and uber driver was just like hey. So what's up with you guys to me and my boss and we're like what would it mean. And then she said are you brother and sister said no. She said so. You're married said absolutely not and king my boss was on that one you modulate your level of protests for that. Yeah yeah you gotta be a little careful. We're like oh we're here for for work love to do work stuff in columbus and then she said well. Do you want a good recommendation for a restaurant and said yes. Sure you can give us a recommendation. We didn't ask for why not as she recommended a japanese restaurant which she insisted had the best fettuccini. Alfredo she had ever had what in this is going to be more mid west. Like you gotta check out. Shoney's though i would have taken an applebees wreck at that point i i don't know what the fuck was going on there and then we're just trying to be polite or like. Oh you know. Thank you for your your fred fettuccini al sushi recommendation. And you know it's great. And then she said. What do you do it on sunday and we were like. We're like probably flying home sunday night. Like she's like. Oh well i was going to invite you to my church. That i was like god. If we're outta fuck it freeway right now. Just throw myself out the tour mid western sharm. Great you know. It's kind of an underrated moment. 'cause it's that's that's what the midwest is all about. It's just unsolicited. Kindly advice from people who give you the vibe that they want to chop you up and throw in their trunk so fair you gotta give that recommendation. Cho's who's gonna know. They could even get fettuccini at a japanese place as.

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