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Gave me when he will cave steve nicol conversation going i was watching on and if alive right and i see up there in the the hitch a corner video you guys begun the gimmicks on that show cross trotting not prod comedy would you guys you know you have a lot of production that goes into that now and it's even playing behind this honoree are now on espn 2 and it's damian's dumpster fire and you know that that that gif his popular with the kids words the dumpster and there's a fire coming out of it so when you start yell at about the patriots here looking running the tv do you know that at some point some on the staff will show the patriots logo in a dumpster far was says the patriots defense absolute they're going to use that won't they damien right now the tv just lighten up the chargers why not why not i mean is it not warrington it's totally war is totally words itself on fire amazed that they could could spark into a fullblown like why nadal far away yeah lie you could just take our half massachusetts who's will anyone what would they do that would they show you stuff like that when you're on the on the teams you've been outta means that even specific to the pats the show you stuff the tv shows did to try to motivate you the army who i'll always say this you sometimes you hear like team led the patriots soaring th the ability well we don't pay them to the media bs they all pay attention in media they always there they all have package or they'll have cut off so what people said and i remember what i'm only at one tower wild through the patriots.

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