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The new video putting out for patriotic and i'm gonna put one out for patriot one for just general public called film forensics because that's one of the place that breaking down because j._k. Dobbins flat had an and protection and i told you in the preview show j._k. Needs to be better and paseo that has to happen and it didn't happen. I mean he had a complete bust in pass bro. He bypassed the linebacker that he was supposed to block and that linebacker hit justin fields that can't happen not if we're going to if estates and go out and win the big ten that can't happen. They need a running back. That is excellent impasse bro and that's what that's what zeke was has carlos hyde was. That's what j._k. Needs to be for sure. The only the only real negative i could say about justice fields is and it's not a negative. It's first first game game of the year most quarterbacks i mean almost every school in the country would kill for a performance like justice fields heads so we're really nitpicking here but he does need to clean up his timing a little bit he was laid on a couple of quick game throws and a movement throw the and being especially a movement throw like a rollout that can be disastrous. If you're late i mean the whole defense is pursuing and versus better defense. Both of those can be problematic if he doesn't get it fixed but fortunately it was f._a._u. Is going through the grades. After i've watched the film i thought justin fields obviously played extremely well. I thought you know what kudos to brandon bow and grading out at eighty two percent at first game back. That's that's big time they need to. They need that jeremy rucker. How about him unbelievable. I mean he he he really burst on the scene and we're gonna talk about some things that need improved moved on especially the tight end position before catches thirty eight yards two touchdowns greater doubt it at seventy five percent i mean that was really excellent game for area the other one joan jackson so the two the two new guys on the offense line essentially graded out the highest on the offensive line and then ben victor and austin matt graded out decently high to <hes> <hes> some some disappointing i guess points of need to improve for the buckeyes the first and foremost offense align <hes> it was it. I wouldn't seen a bomb a nation. It wasn't terrible but why davis played very average. Josh alabi when he went in the game was very average in the run game but josh josh albee is a very athletic tackle. He graded out really well impasse bro but when it came to the run game and moving people and being tough he wasn't there. He didn't show up but the really really the old enters a whole did that. You didn't see a ton of just displacement f._a._u. You shoulda saw major displacement and the other thing. I saw that it was very concerning is there was twice in the first half that we seven-man pass protection. We kept the tight end and back in and they've had a three man. Rush and fields got pressured twice. I i mean just you do the math. That's more than a double team on each guy so we had to ohio state players on one player across the board and they still got pressure now schematically. I'm not a huge fan of that because anytime you have seven man pro versus three men rush there have a lot of guys in coverage covering covering your four people right really three people because the quarterbacks throwing the ball so you have now. You have eight people covering three hard to get open so schematically. I really hate that package but i know kevin wilson had success with it at indiana. It's more of a temple thing usually but it was not not that impressive and and and then i really people i know buckeye fans or just on cloud nine right now think we could beat the patriots. I thought it was an average average. First game above average will say above average. I game jay dobbins was was okay..

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