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But don't come to me if you're a New Yorker, pointing the finger at Sam darnold and blaming him. I'm not saying he was perfect. He was far from it. He wasn't even impressive. And that interception. That interception at two over the middle and double coverage with inexcusable. It was amateur written all over it. No question about it. And I got that. What does a lot of blame to go around to the New York Jets show Bert in theft thing him off of that terrible pass that Sam Donald because curse was double covered. And we get that. Everywhere you've said. Maybe you shouldn't have concussed. Tyrod Taylor might have helped you Moore's clayborn. Could we hold down. On a holding penalties. That would be nice. Trick play to Phillies special. Do Johnson flipped it to Jarvis Landy who throws a path? Baker Mayfield an insult to Todd on a two point conversion. The jets had miscommunication, whatever the hell you wanna call it. Todd Bowles, they call said, excuse won a few penalties. We had. We gave them life before to have. We had two of them. We have one day on a two point conversion that we had no business happy, and we let them back in the game and some some key penalties and it costs us. We lost DACA poacher. I am happy for the Cleveland Browns. I think they'll beat Oakland in Oakland next week unless Jon Gruden father pass, rush. Well, let's see what they do. Let's see what make a may feel does particularly in the weeks to come against Baltimore against the charges on the road against Tampa Bay in Pittsburgh. Even though Pittsburgh they got back to back by weeks as far as I'm concerned against defenses, says Pittsburgh on October twenty eighth and Kansas City at home on November. Fourth would be back to back games in a by playing defense in that game, not on that side of the ball. Cleveland might play divas not those two teams. But I'm just saying, let's pump the brakes. Let's calm the hell down the stop acting like Baker Mayfield is Joe Montana and Sam Donald is subtly Ken O'Brien. Let's stop it. Three days to prepare for Greg Williams defense. Let's be fair it at eight. Say ESPN. It's edited seven to nine, three, seven, seven, six, seven now. So I wanted to get into. Odell Beckham, junior, and his comments about the New York Giants. He's not happy and I applaud him for not being happy. Neither is Antonio Brown. Both of them had a lot to say. Both of them had a lot to say and I don't blame them one bit. This is Beckham talking. I feel there's no way you can't score a touchdown in every quarter and then one somewhere else. It just doesn't seem unrealistic to me. I feel personally I could score two touchdowns every game. I feel like saquon score to every game. I feel like this other people on this team who can score every single game that's over thirty five points. It's just a matter of executing they're making it happen. Really it doesn't seem out of reach in my mind. I don't want to win twenty four twenty one. I'm trying to win fifty two eighteen. Nobody said it had to be close. He's complaining and he's right Odell Beckham junior is a superstar. He's a superstar talent. He can't do much because he can't get involved. The question is, why do you point the finger at Eli manning and put primarily the blame on his shoulders? Or do you look at that offense of line Gettleman and Sherman and others have not put together? I got news for you, Eric plows into only problem at at right, tackle on the giants offense of line. What the hell is state sold the done. I don't think he's been that impressive in his pass blocking ally manning certainly might be holding onto the ball a little bit longer. He might be indecisive because he might be scared. Now aged thirty seven, having taken a punishment that he is taking. I've never seen ally manning look at shell shock like a deer coordin- headlights the way he looked last Sunday. No question about it. And the end may be near far much sooner than later than we thought when it comes to ally manning which brings into question whether or not the giants made the right decision..

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