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The governor has clashed with his party. Mates on a number of fronts. There is a more progressive kadre particularly in the senate that argued against governor. Cuomo's deal to build a second headquarters for amazon in queens. That course would have taken more than a billion dollars of state. Subsidies there have also been conflicts about rent regulations and tax policy earlier. This year governor cuomo agreed with legislative proposals to increase income and business taxes by four billion dollars so thanks. We're all necessarily in a great place before. This allegations of sexual harassment came forward and before questions about how the state handled nursing homes during the pandemic. But certainly the support that was present for the governor. Among legislators has all but evaporated in just the last thirty six hours. What does this mean. More broadly for the democratic party. I mean how significant is it for a democratic president to call on a top democratic governor to resign. It's a significant statement and it's further significant because president biden and andrew. Cuomo have a long close relationship. When joe biden was thinking about running for president in two thousand sixteen andrew cuomo encouraged the idea. He specifically appeared with joe biden during that time period and when governor cuomo was facing a democratic primary in two thousand eighteen he had joe biden. Come to give a big speech before the party. Convention in support of the governor's reelection did. There's the ongoing tension both in new york end in the national democratic party between progressives who tend to be and sort of long term party faithful who tend to be more. Moderate governor cuomo was certainly in the latter camp. President biden comes from that camp as well but he has worked relatively adeptly to be a bridge between the next generation between members like congresswoman alexandria cossio cortes and corey bush as well as the traditional mainstream so called democratic party base. In this case if governor cuomo is removed from office in part due to the growing power and the growing calls within the new group of ascendant democrats more to the political left. I think it will send a message. About what the democratic party is what it's face. Looks like and be very clear statement that someone who has been substantially accused of sexual harassment as governor. Cuomo hive is not acceptable to democrats as a face of their party. Let's talk about new york attorney. General letitia james. Some have mentioned her own ambitions in perhaps seeking the new york governorship someday and also in establishing the ag's office in new york which is also investigating former president donald trump. What does this investigation. And the results mean for her. That's the million dollar question here. In new york in political circles people have been wondering for months whether or not to s- james will declare a bid for governor She is thought by democratic operatives. Who i talked to as somebody who could clear the field of what will be a very interesting democratic primary especially if governor cuomo is not on the ticket in twenty twenty two but the attorney general has not outwardly. Said she's interested in running for governor. She declined to rule out a bid. When i asked her about it in june in a press conference in albany but she has not made any indications of support. Of course all of that can change very very quickly as they said. We've seen allies of the governor both elected officials but also labor unions who have been key stalwart supporters to clearing just in the last twenty four hours that they are no longer with him that would create a big opening for someone like tips james or perhaps new york city public advocate jimani williams or somebody else to gather support for a bid for the democratic nomination next year wall street journal reporter. Jimmy kind jimmy. Thank you so much for your time today. Thanks for having me. It's a pleasure and finally big beverage. Companies are trying to figure out what quenches your thirst and so drink makers are ditching. Their well known but less profitable brands for new lineups. This week pepsico said it would sell tropicana and its other juice brands to a private equity firm. That follows moves from back in february when nestle agreed to sell its water. Brands like poland. Spring and last year coca cola discontinued. Its first diet. Soda tab along with zico. Coconut water and odd walla fruit juices and smoothies our.

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