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Tonight, snow likely a low of thirty degrees just a little bit the heaviest snowfalls overnight and early morning snow tomorrow one to three inches. Total. Accumulation it's done by ten or eleven in the morning. A high of thirty five tomorrow. It's currently thirty six degrees. She Bs news update. Crews in northern California's camp wildfire burns zone sifting through what's left of thousands of homes looking for victims. The official death toll is up to sixty three more than six hundred people remain unaccounted for KCBS reporter, Holly Quan surveyed some of those devastated neighborhoods in the city of paradise. If you had a cat it was playing with a ball of yarn, and they just like left it all they're in a big bet. There's transformer transformer are hanging off of lines. Like a like a beat on a necklace CDS? Steve Futterman has the death. Toll continues to climb fire crews are making progress the deadly campfire, which is destroyed around ten thousand homes is now forty five percent contained in southern California. The Wolsey fire is now sixty nine percent contained whether conditions have greatly improved with wins diminishing one other figure from that campfire fifty two thousand people living in shelters motels in homes of friends. CBS news update, I'm Jim shanavie. WTMJ news time three thirty two from the WTMJ. Breaking news center old man winter making a return tonight in southeast Wisconsin WTMJ storm team four meteorologist Jesse Ricca says the snow will begin to fall after ten tonight. Right now, it's looking a bit more of that kind of weather more wet snow because temperatures overnight are only to drop down to thirty degrees. So that's closer to that freezing. Mark the closer we are to the freezing. Mark you get more of that wet snow one to three inches of snow expected. Temperatures are ten degrees below average for this time of year. One person is dead. Three others wounded by gunfire. In the town of wetland in canola county, rusty Mellberg has more details in the WTMJ breaking news center. Melissa Kenosha county. Sheriff David Beth says it happened at a home around ten thirty last night. Two of the victims were found at the home. The other two at a gas station in nearby paddock lake. We were very confident that all the parties that posed a threat to anybody. We're in custody and this was a targeted situation. This wasn't a random at. They knew where they were going. I believe they knew what their objective was. And the general public was never at risk for this one. We had it all contains in a few minutes of each other. The suspects were taken to a BP gas station. In paddock lake Beth says they are looking for a black sedan. They were riding in. FBI's released hate crime statistics from twenty seventeen in the numbers nationwide are record-setting over seven thousand incidents of hate crimes were reported from around the country to the bureau last year. It's the highest since two thousand eight all were the numbers in Wisconsin FBI supervisory, special agent, Eric Byrnes across the state. We only had forty six incidents of hate crimes reported. Burns says a hate crime suspect in Wisconsin pled guilty this week. Routes had wrote threatening letters to the Jewish community center in whitefish bay. Jane Matenaer WTMJ news new regime is getting ready to take the governor's office in Madison, but the same problems facing the state still exist that includes infrastructure funding, Waukesha county, executive Paul Farrow says he thinks it can be done without raising the gas tax other opportunities that are within the budget already. Did they can look at relocation of funds, but we.

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