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Our fingers there's a problem so i'll read you a funny story because people always and we have pro football players gridiron air by picks on them because not supposed to be the brightest guys on planet earth and and and the nascar ballplayers and you know baseball players was supposed to be a little smarter santa gymnasts but this is baseball great i'll pick on him curt schilling made a hundred and twelve million dollars over twenty years but he went so broke that in twenty thirteen he begged the baseball hall of fame to return his bloody sock from famous pitching performance against the yankees so that he could auction it off it brought in ninety two thousand dollars but the guy had to was kind of like oj simpson hit tickle cutback as memorabilia to be able to make payments so again the theme of the show here a bloody sucked my god i wouldn't painting anyway those baseball players right you guys anyway so we're gonna talk about what it's like to be a young man and suddenly be very rich we heard rods story that he was fortunate even get the big bucks when he signed and it took three or four years so ryan broil is a little different story he got injured because he had the see the dedication a loyalty to go back to his alma mater university of oklahoma to play out his final year to support the team and he gets injured but that was a blessing in disguise so ryan what what is your story on that what what what was what was it like to become rich suddenly as a young man.

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