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Avenue and swift at is two five and if you see a lower price, give us a call at three one two four zero nine four two seven seven WBZ news time three thirty eight traffic and weather together on eighth to sponsored by the Berman auto express a store and here is Neil getting a little here on the expressway. Guys. Eating still looks pretty good in either direction the album Kennedy twenty five minutes to the airport up to thirty five in from O'Hare to downtown twenty two off the Edens the O'Hare extension so far so good. The Eisenhower on the way out twenty five minutes to Mannheim, thirty eight out to route three ninety slow and go from sister over to Harlem coming in Bali crash off at twenty fifth on the right shoulder. Forty minutes in from route three ninety thousand five for Mannheim. The outbound Stevenson thirty five minutes to the veterans toll thirty-seven on the way back in fifty five is clear if yourself of three fifty five the outside of the Ryan twenty-five minutes twenty inbound eighteen on the outbound side of fifty seven just fifteen on the. The album Bishop Ford lakeshore drive a little tight in both directions at Chicago avenue. That's the typical delay on the tollways afternoon. Chris harbor mill. Spothero, seven eighty. With a big shout out the tall highway maintenance. And all the other state county municipal plow drivers. They've been running nonstop to make things better on the way home, and they have done. So just be sure to top off your washer fluid tank kind of grimy out here. Southbound tristate backing up Cermak the forty seven th northbound titan wrapped up to ninety only other delay fifty three three fifty five southbound north avenue to Roosevelt moving slow Chris Hubbard mills spothero mobile seven eight word of a crash on eighty eastbound right around Briggs. So it's pretty heavy in both directions northwest, Indiana. The roads looking good over there river west Chicago avenue remains blocked west of hall set between green and Morgan due to a crash involving ACT a bus TD has rerouted number sixty six buses because of it considered the vision or grand to avoid the area traffic. Sponsored by Berman auto express store, the bourbon auto express stores the expressway to buy your next used car. One hundred percent online just select you use vehicle get instant upfront pricing. They'll delivered right to your doorstep with all the paperwork ready to sign see over five hundred. Vehicles f Berman.

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