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Maderna, Isuzu, Forty Five Percent discussed on MAD MONEY W/ JIM CRAMER


Good numbers. That's what trying you. See? Good numbers drive story means it's got some staying power in early January yeti free announce some fantastic fourth quarter results much better than Wall Street was expecting and it's kind of nice. Although it wasn't a huge move. As investors still seemed a little skeptical, then when the company port is full quarterly results few weeks ago. The numbers were even better than we've been led to believe the top it all off yeti also excellent full your guidance. Thanks in part to the company's rapidly growing direct to consumer business. Stock jump more than seventeen percent on the news. And the darn thing continued to charge higher until today's being reversal where they Chato shot ATL shot a lot of winners like a yeti. So what do you do with yeti appear? Even after today's reversal the stocks still up dramatically from where it was trading. When I gave it my endorsement November. Then again, yet his business is also in much better shape them, we thought it was the company got four major issues here. They appeal to new customers introduced new products expanded or nationally and go that fat goes direct to consumer business which was up at a standing forty five percent last quarter. I think he's plan is working. And I think the stock is pretty darned cheap here. Just nineteen times next year's assessments, which is very track valuation for profitable companies going with nineteen percent revenue growth. That's what we're looking for. However, get this. This is something you got to be put in your calendar yet. He's lockup on insider sales expires in a little more than six weeks on April twenty third my late. Mom's birthday, and that tends to put additional pressure on the stock so proceed with caution for this brief window as much as we believe in this business of the stock can take a lot more punishment for the paint comes to an end. If you wanna buy yeti, I think you might get a better chance let it come down some more and buy it and stages and Giorgione yeti, listen, I mean, it's not too late three the part at least part of your position at these levels. You're still got you still got some enormous gains. And nobody ever got hurt taking a profit. Okay. Next is really hard story understand. I spent a lot of time with management. I found it difficult. I'm sure you do too. It's called Moderna. You're always stage. Biotech that misfortune coming public. Ruin sever and the stock got clobbered Isuzu started trading one seventieth told you it was worth considering for speculation. But you had to be prepared for more weakness at the same time. The stock was at eighteen dollars and fifty cents come down. Right eighteen I'm sorry. Eighteen eighty plunged to thirteen dollars a day after Christmas when so many other stocks hit bottom then turn around and rocket higher. Now Maderna's at twenty one bucks. If you're peaking twenty four about a week ago. This was an interesting concept during this technology, let's modify messenger or are NA the biological it a middle management and reprogrammed cells in your body and make all sorts of different proteins. They've got ten different clinical trials going treating everything from infections to cancer. According to these in genetic disorders, they're lead drug helps with produced blood flow to the heart caused by a blocked artery rather than unclogging the artery surgery. This was amazing to me Moderna can tote..

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Maderna, Isuzu, Forty Five Percent discussed on MAD MONEY W/ JIM CRAMER


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