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Plan to pay Americans directly Australian businesses will be subsidized to pass on fifteen hundred dollars to each employee as part of an unprecedented near eighty billion dollar package unveiled by prime minister Scott Morrison some will say it's too little others will say it's too much it's hoped the package will protect about six million Australian jobs the scheme will continue for at least six months Scott my meant for CBS news Brisbane Australia even as companies are ramping up production of hand sanitizer because of skyrocketing demand they run into a new problem where to put its manufacturers across the country are retooling to produce medical supplies during this coronavirus crisis like the folks who make blues with casinos closed in Nevada for the pandemic several distilleries in that state or taking all that unused ethanol they've got stored up in combining it with aloe Vera and other chemicals and turning it into hand sanitizer this is good for all who are fighting the virus and for those who've been laid off from the whisky biz so three cheers for seven troughs the depot Verity local distillery and Damon industries they're all doing their part one thing that they're in short supply of however containers to put it in Michael Moberly a Farina distillery says all the plastic bottles in the country are gone cared McCue fox news serial killer Lonnie Franklin junior was found dead in his California prison cell this weekend the grim sleeper was convicted in twenty sixteen of killing nine women and a teenage girl from nineteen eighty five to two thousand seven the sixty seven year old was on death row in San Quentin for more on the corona virus go to the I heart radio app and tap the podcast app for the latest news and information it's seven thirty six weather's next one of iris what you need to know maintaining a healthy and clean home during these home quarantines is more important than ever The New York Times author.

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