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But I don't know if I just have been keeping them in a cold dark place, and they're fine. Or I've I've never encountered disc. I don't know anybody that's ever had a district. I don't know that it's real it's real. Who? Yeah. Right. What's real? There's your answer. Crap talk yourself. Well, so I was thinking that I just spent as much time in the office as possible because my mother-in-law's in town. And she's here to like help out for I've got surgery coming up. Yeah. She decided to take it upon herself to come on out. Come on out and help help out a hand. Yeah. Yeah. Criticize we keep our house and everything that sounds fun. It's been wonderful. Yeah. Yeah. I've got a similar situation happened. I think damn it. Yeah. All right. Have an Email. Okay. Brent from Portland, please. Make these chips in order from best to worst Koresh torito's best not cheese Doritos, Cheetos Reito's. Barbecue lays we're getting too many here. Original lays, he has offered his personal ranking. But I wanna poise ruffles at he didn't mention I think should be. I take issue with him saying, please rank these chips when Cheetos are in the list and free those ships. Let's just we need to be on those craters ship them in in the chip aisle. The thing is like with Doritos corn. Lays, I cut you can tell they were potatoes at some point what the fuck it Cheeto ever was they're not gonna what does she do make the cut core. It's corn corn cereal. Those like puff corn? Plus, I have corn puffs ups. I guess you're right free. Those every this is an American everything is corn. What you've put it freed us up top. He was number one. But it's we're trying to make a correct list. Does the pot of this is? The ball are. So our last those are starving as or last. Yeah. Yeah. Every list, but those are those are fucking filler at with you know, I got the flavor of one get one on the Fritos. I got a regular Fritos and chilli cheese. Fritos right. Yeah. All right. Dan, Fritos were technically scoops home. So they're bigger which are great for nachos. Say with Fritos greasy. Feel bad. The problem is they're boring more boring than playing lady I would put plainly as over our Pugh lays. And yes, I agree there. Cool ranch Doritos are at the bottom of my list because I think anything ranches disgusting might be at the top of my disgusting. Mine and hovers at the top. Yeah. You both put those over original Doritos. Put it does at the top and cool ranch at the bottom. Shits going wrong. We're not leaving here. Ruffles or not on the list. Like, I think those are. Okay. Some of our barbecue as on this list or not. He's gonna make the cut. There's not enough support for around here there last. Yeah. I like regulates way more than barbecue. I think I think even regular lays honestly is probably not gonna make the cut just because they're both over radio on sake. Lays would be at the top of this list. I haven't seen a baked Lay's white really baked Lay's still around really top of the list. They're really crisp they're thicker, they they're trained salt so effectively ear and let you don't get that like Greece. Not if fingers just I can't get any more baked ruffles. Never had a big game changer. Okay. Kettle chips. How's that would win? On the list. I think again like kettle chips as is the kind of Greece problem. They're pretty greasy idealize. You know, it's like these these chips, and you don't have any of the after effect ranking of kettle chips its own discussion New York cheddar, who I don't know so many I've never closed found a beer cheese. One this week. I think the dill pickle might be my. Yeah. The pepper. Some pop chips pop..

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