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Connors post by poor reaction and response. I don't mean in the ring. I don't mean right. They're caught in that moment. You could bring that in. I'll take anything after the fight but it's still going on to this day right messages that are put out there and then messages have been deleted. Most recently today was two different things. First off refusing to admit that he lost the fight he lost the fight because it was a doctor stoppage not that he was losing that round not that he was dominated. Not that herbon will stop the fight to different times and then adding in also today that he entered that fight hurt. You can ask anyone. You can ask dana. you can ask dr davidson. I stress factors going into that fight. I'm just saying how. Do we interpret that congress. Not wrong for doing any of these things. This is very in line. With what fighter say after they lose a fight and they get embarrassed. It's very very. It's just not in line with the way. Connor has done it before. Connors been very gracious. Always even if you go back to the second fight. Conor got cleaned up. Says i gotta make some adjustments. That guy's got a hell of a weapon. I wasn't familiar with that calf kick. I gotta change some stuff on my history. Says that i've pretty good it make adjustments. Let's do it a third time. But he was a real gentleman. I could say that about every connor defeats hat. I could even say about a couple of victories right. In the moment he still marketing. He grabs that microphone. He'd lines up. What's next tinos the deal. But i think of the night that he beat pouring aerial goes into the locker room interviews him and connor right. You remember. I don't mean poor. Yeah i mean Cowboy but you guys remember that fight with cowboy a real pr tour. He did what he needed to do. Right in the moment right after the fight when everybody's watching but he goes in the back he's a little calmer it's gonna dot com. It's gonna pop up a few hours later. He knew his market and he was a real gentleman again. So how do we juxtaposed that. Connor with this connor. And do we need to be judged. And that's where. I get a hard time guys. I'm a bit of a connor defender. In this first off he was broken in half. That's a totally different loss than anything. I can relate to in few things that i've ever even seen. I've only seen that injury four times. I could name them. Corey hill anderson silva chris wiedeman conor mcgregor. I remember those nights that they happen though because they hurt me they hurt. I saw it hurt. It hurt me physically to see that in a demon happened to me one of those things. Just a weird reaction. But i remember them all very well. Connor was the only one of those four that was spoken to in that moment. Whatever comes out of his mouth for me as a human. This is the human talk not the fight fan. He's gonna get a pass could batter indifferent he gets a pass. That's not normal. Him comes out after the fact he puts out some things on twitter when we have every reason to believe that. he's on a assortment of painkillers. More likely than not morphine. Who let him have his phone in his hand in. The first place is a great much greater question that we should all be looking at pointing the finger to then what connor tweeted out and pushed a button that then got the sense in deleted. Come on am only asking you in this moment. How do we take these. Two polar opposites. Because there's a very opposite thing happening here we're seeing opposite. Preparations that admittedly is through rumor. We never knew how he was training back when things were going well. We don't fully know how he's training out when things aren't but the rumors in the reports are different very very different. The performances are very very different. It looks like a different guy in there. Some of the speed is gone. Some of the ability to withstand gone ikea. Keep pointing those things apple. Why i'm not looking to kick a guy just sharing its opposite. It's different for this specific. Fight the lead up particularly forty eight hours before the lid came off right. Connor was doing no media. He lifted a live on that same eight hours before bell time. Do we chalk that up to. Let's squeeze every last dollar we can get out of it. Pay per view identity. I thought that was connor. Trying to put himself in a position that old car used to be in. It's a very real thing we've done that. As athletes i when i grew up and got out of the nest certified myself some big opportunities. I used to go back to my childhood club now. I don't think there was a whole lot in fairness that i could gain working out with nine fourteen seventeen year old kids but it was a mindset. Is trying to take yourself back trying to remember some of that hunger. Gotcha there in the first place. So i just thought i recognized. Connor was doing. I thought i recognized what connor started going at a little harder than usual that he was trying to get that brash. Hungry self back. That's what i saw. How do we interpret what he's doing now by running things back because he's not lying. Did he have stress factors shore. Maybe did maybe let's just say he did. I got stress factors right now. I haven't traded x. Amount of time share with you. Connor did not have any stress fractures. That pouria did it have the fact that he admitted it and used as an excuse very in line with what other fighters do just unique for mcgregor. He's never done that before right. He's never made himself look weak. He's always sold power. He'd has none. he's never had power but he's given the perception he does and he sold that very well. He's now doing the opposite. We're not used to it. He's not wrong. I've heard people come down and talk about what a poor is. Connor is doing right now. Trying to explain a way in embarrassing loss is perfectly in line. With how every other fighters ever acted he just hasn't done it. I think that part of the story should be told. He's not doing anything. That's that's people giving him a hard time right now like he's being some kind of a jerk okay. Grant within that goes for everybody else. That's ever got a loss ever. They all do that. Same thing all of them he never heard so and so doesn't have a boys believe me. He did do it in his small circle of ten people want to hear from him. Connor just happens to have ten billion people that want to hear from them right. It's it's a different thing. It's the same message. I'm sharing with you even as i'm attempting to defend connor. I'm sharing with you. I've never seen him sell weakness or appear. We asked dr davidson. Ask dana. you know there was times in my life that i had to bring a note from my mother if i was sick one day. Miss school then. I got to college. I was a grown ass man. All i had to do is show up. Ask you know. Ask dr davidson day. It was one of these things. You can also get a stress fracture. How would you know a stress fracture. It's a little bit of them right now. I don't share that with you in belly who it's nothing to. Connor had some kind of a pain and he went to a doctor and the doctor. X ray them. I mean this whippy stuff. This is whippy stuff to the highest degree. That is also very normal. Anyone else that had a pain go ask daca dachshunds extra. There's nothing out of line here. Just very out of line for connor. I'm never seen him. Try to look weak. I've never seen him not very conscious. Oh looking powerful. As opposed to looking. Week i'm surprised by it. I don't know how to interpret it. Charles olivera came out today and said that he believes connors. Going to be out for six weeks. And i'm sure when he returns he will buy fight. Dustin pori now charles was trying to be very nice charles even in that same statement said we should give connor a standing ovation. I don't like the way he promotes fights. I don't like that brashness. But he's done a great job for himself and that's who is first obligations to. I tip my hat to charles was. It was very beautiful with charles. Had to say charles.

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