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Of solve murders and all other par- cast originals for free exclusively on spotify. To stream solve murders for free on spotify, just open the APP and type solve murders in the search bar. This is our first episode on Helen Potts a beautiful young woman who attended an elite finishing school in late nineteenth century New York. In part one will follow the clandestine relationship Helen carried on with a young medical student. The affair threatened to destroy her family's carefully guarded reputation up until an even after her tragic death impart to we'll discuss how the police and district attorney's office neglected the case how a dog a journalist set out to uncover the truth and how Helen suspicious death turned into a sensationalized murder investigation. We have all that and more coming up stay with us. At One am on February first eighteen ninety one Dr Edward Fowler to see a patient at New York City Boarding School. When he arrived, he found nineteen year old Helen. Potts had lapsed into a coma Dr Fowler quickly ushered Helen's friends and classmates outside the room. They waited in the Hall Austin frightened while he worked desperately to wake Helen had she been born fifty years later she might have been revived through mouth-to-mouth resuscitation but the technique hadn't been invented yet. Dr Fowler had to make do with the means at his disposal. He attempted to resuscitate her the fashioned way by pulling her arms up and down to extended chest and draw in air. He also shocked her with an electric battery implied her with coffee and whiskey. He even tried administering digitalis and medicine to strengthen her heart but despite his best efforts. Helen grew steadily weaker. Her lungs came to a near standstill her body starved itself. AF- oxygen and Dr Fell looked on helpless and paralyzed Fowler tried to keep Helen comfortable and clung to the hope that she would keep fighting to stay alive. But around ten forty five am Helen took her last breath. Fowler collected himself then ended the only helpful thing. He could think to do determine the cause of death. Her symptoms in Pale visage imply to death by poisoning or overdose. He noted a prescription pill bottle among her possessions. She was taking a mix of morphine incline. The prescription only contained six pills and directions on the label said that each capsule possessed justice. Sixth. Of a grain of morphine this was considered to be harmless dose at the time. Helen was supposed to take a single pill each night. But even if she had taken all the pills at once, it shouldn't have been enough to kill her hurt death didn't make sense. The doctor wondered house too bright and vivacious young life was cut. So cruelly short. Born on May third eighteen, seventy, one, Helen Potts was the only daughter of George and Cynthia, pots her father was a successful railroad contractor and the family lived a comfortable life in the prosperous enclave of Asbury Park your the Jersey shore friends remembered Helen as one of the most beautiful and popular girls in the neighborhood. She was an excellent student and she excelled at singing and music and outgoing teenager. Helen took advantage of town social scene. The summer she turned eighteen. She attended a dance held in the ballroom of the Coleman House an elegant beachside hotel that night she met a nineteen year old medical student named Carlyle Harris. Carlisle attended university in New York City. But he was passing the summer, his mother's house in the nearby town of Ocean Grove. Carlisle was handsome charming and immediately enamored with Helen Potts according to George Article. Seniors Book. Six capsules. The Gilded Age murder of Helen Potts Carlisle later recalled. She was the most beautiful girl. I've ever seen. She was tall with remarkably large dark is an olive complexion and possessed that crowning glory of all a mass of chestnut hair. Carlisle was in luck that night Helen's escort to the dance was an old friend of his. He angled for a formal introduction to the young lady in the two were soon in broiled in conversation. Do, you dance. Always. Are you all right I have a confession? I can't keep up with you but you were so keen to seal me away from dance partner. Do, you have any regrets. Regret making a fool of myself on the dance floor. I'll never regret getting the chance to meet you. Let. Should we do with ourselves now that we met? For starters, you have to give me a chance to redeem myself. I may not be much of a dancer but Do you play tennis. During this summer of eighteen, eighty, nine Carlisle and Helen were inseparable. Paid regular visits to her home. There were tennis parties, beach trips, sailing excursions, and Picnics Carlisle even began attending Helen's church to see her sing in the choir. Helen's parents seem to approve of Carlisle young man came from an impressive background. His maternal grandfather was a widely respected physician in York. Carlisle's parents had separated when he was a child which was unusual for the time. But his mother Francis supported the family by publishing popular Christian literature under the pseudonym. Hope lead yared she and Helen's mother Cynthia fond acquaintances between his grandfather and mother carlisle grew up with principled intellectual role models. Behind. Has It youth? He pushed back against their influence? Unlike the successful student Helen Potts, he dropped out of school at the age of thirteen. He drifted aimlessly from one job to another including a stint as an actor in a theater company which scandalized his mother his family worried that he might never settle down at a respectable profession. There were relieved when he decided to follow in his grandfather's footsteps and go to medical school in his first year his grandfather was so pleased with Carlisle strong academic performance. He promised to pay the young man's tuition going forward suddenly Carlisle's prospects seemed much brighter but even as Carlisle started down the path to success, he didn't spend much time pondering the future. He was much more concerned with having a good time in the present. The pots didn't know the Carlisle had earned reputation as a playboy. His medical school friends later recalled his enthusiasm for seducing women and bragging about it. Later when he found a girl, he liked he did whatever it took to get her into bed. That summer he put all of his efforts into winning over Helen Potts. If you would like to accompany me home my brother and mother are away. It wouldn't do for us to be without a chaperone. Helen I, love you. What will it take for us to have a moment alone together? My feelings for you are beyond anything I ever felt before. But if.

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