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Those were outside of the US and who's the other? How'd he finished him? He knocked out Emanuel Newton in Fabio Maldonado. He had been in the UFC, and then he was out for a little bit. And he came back. So his return fight. He lost the envelope. That's who he Lord loss to current got bad news form. Okay. He's got always pee in front of him. He does you know always piece of mission second round. Right. I said it I said it and taking what over in Saint Pru. Third round. I call third and this is a rematch, by the way, these guys fought. Stoppage. How? I got three points. You get mission. I got three points. No. That's true. But I mean TKO, okay, we're knockout. Yeah. All right. Okay. I by I'm also going with second round submission. All right. Joe one the first one show O S P one. I fight. He landed. The von Peru, choke. Yes. Okay. How 'bout Alan Joe bad who just talked to Dwight grant? What do I do unless night? Do I go? Oh. Yes, he's coming off a vicious KO of Carlo Pederson salty and his last fight which was his second UFC fight. He lost his UFC. Oh, I'm sorry to. I forgot let's. All right. The white grant. It was a split decision. Lost zakho. That's right. Okay. All right. So he then then he got a vicious KO. I listen Allen Joe ban is a smart fighter. Yep. Yep. He's a smart fighter. Is he got enough to take out grant grants could be aggressive. But I believe how many how what's his record grants. All he's nine and two overall. Oh, so it was only two losses for me. Has one outside of the UFC in one in the OC. He's got to UC fights. He's one in one. All right. I'm going to say who shit, man. All right. I'm gonna man Joe band decision. Oh, you're so cool. Sorry, jimmy. I'm gonna say Joe sorry. Jimmy about that. I'm going to say Allen Joe ban by third round stop JR. How it was. He has he stop it him. I'll tell you how he's not. But Jimmy he is going to submit him in the third round. I listen. Sometimes I go outside the box a little bit. Sure. I was I'll admit it this one I changed. I had white grant by third knock out. But I I liked what I was hearing from Allan he sends ready to go sounds relaxed. His family is going to be there. I'm going to take out Joe ban by decision. Get that sub. Get is back. All right. Listen, I Bosnia chose I bonded with Khalil Roundtree shaded. You know, what's his? Last two, and what's Eric Anderson's lost two straight or Andrews? So Khalil is coming off. He fought Johnnie Walker. Johnnie Walker debut, and he so Johnnie Walker Kada with the nasty elbow and finished halfway through the first round prior to that Khalil finished, go on sake. We're actually at that fight. And that was a there was a great knockout those another first round knockout Eric's type thumb Eric's, tough, dude. And now, Eric he's on a two fight losing streak te'o Santos again a fight. He took on like literally two days and then a split decision loss to Elias. Theodore. I'm taking fear Dorothea d'oro Theodoros theater. I'm sorry. Go ahead. Jimmy Khalil Roundtree second round. Who? Ooh, Khalil secondhand to me. It's hard to see our Ganz was in three straight to Erin. His toughest as Eric is tough as f-. You know, what Paul gander second round TKO? You're right. He's not losing three straight. And you're saying that. All right. What about you? I I'm gonna go with Andrews by decision. I think he's an uses wrestling and he's going to like fresh Khalil. Yeah. It's gonna be rough man. I know you guys are picking Eric Anders. And I know Khalil if he he is that I gotta say this. I gotta say this. If he hears that code. On. I. Taught me.

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