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Is Braden Gaul filling in for Paul. Honored to be here this week. Hanging out with you guys talking season less than a week away next Monday. We get things started in college football. The way they deserve to be started. Although the big 12, I believe, is getting started right now. Today, tomorrow, I think tomorrow may be in terms of media days across the country. So we are in full swing, talking season starting this week and next. Of course, the SEC in Atlanta coming up next week. The player list has been announced. We'll get to that in just a second. Also, I'd like to know I was arguing with my buddies about favorite towns and uniforms and stadiums in the SEC and I was trying to tell them, no, no, listen, guys, you can't pick your favorite school where you graduated as your favorite. Give me something else you love about the SEC. What are some of the other uniforms and stadiums and towns you enjoy visiting? My answer, auburn. I like LSU's uniforms. I like auburn the town and I like Sanford stadium. It would be my three votes in the SEC. So if you're going to call 855-242-7285, I'd like to know what your favorites are in the SEC that don't have anything to do with your favorite team. It doesn't seem that complicated. That's not your favorite team. The players that are going 7 quarterbacks will be in Atlanta next week. Bryce young, of course, for Alabama, hen and hooker for Tennessee, KJ Jefferson for Arkansas. They will be there next week. Of course, you've also got Mike Wright at Vanderbilt is going to be there, which is some insight into maybe how Clark Lee is feeling about that quarterback battle. You've got Anthony Richardson going for Florida, the quarterback who is only a sophomore, one of only three sophomores that will be in Atlanta next week on media days. I think that is a huge statement of belief by Billy Napier in his star sophomore quarterback to send him to Atlanta on media days to represent the university of Florida. I think that is a bold statement and I think it says a lot about where they are with Richardson because I think he is like, listen, I know we wore number 15 and I know he's had that run past thing. Shades of Tim Tebow and you watch him play even though he's bigger. I just think he is a super freak of an athlete and if he's in Atlanta as a sophomore, to me that says Anthony Richardson is your starting quarterback for the Florida Gators moving forward as if there was any doubt. But I think Billy Napier put all that doubt to rest. Will levis, of course, for Kentucky, gonna be there as well with major expectations around that Kentucky team, new offensive coordinator, Mark stoops, has a great offensive line coming back and a really good defensive line crop of players recruits from 2020 that should be stepping into starting roles to try to reload that defensive line for Kentucky. So I'm fascinated to see that. And of course, the guy that no one talks about. When we rank quarterbacks, when we rank quarterbacks in the SEC or around the country, it seems like we go down the list and we always forget about this guy. And I think he gets a bad rap for being this quote unquote game manager. He's a better athlete than that. You look at his yards per attempt up around ten, 11 yards per attempt as a passer. One of the nation's most efficient players and oh, by the way, a national champion stetson Bennett will be in Atlanta next week as well for the Georgia bulldogs. So I think stetson Bennett just kind of gets lost in the shuffle. Are there still Georgia fans? Here's what's fascinating. Are there still Georgia fans? Like what percentage are there still like 10% of you that's like, yeah, I don't know, maybe JT Daniels could have could have beaten Alabama in Atlanta too. There's still some of you that are worried about that and bothered by that or you guys all just moved along and moved on and said, no, no, no, no. Stetson's our guy. Man, that was unfair for a while, right? Listen, I'll be guilty. I was one of them. I'll put my hand up and be accounted for. I always thought JT Daniels was the mortality player. It should have been starting, blah, blah, blah, blah, feeding the narrative. I was guilty of that. But man, the offense evolved last year for Georgia. So stetson Bennett going to be there. We'll see what the offense does this year because I would argue that Georgia, we know how great the defense is. I think you could argue Georgia has the greatest collection of tight ends. We've ever seen in college football history, and that would include that would include the Miami hurricanes of the early aughts, which would be what, like Kelvin Winslow and Jeremy shockey on the same team. Like that's insane. They have three dudes that are almost as good. I mean, Bowers is a freak. So however Todd monken wants to use those tight ends. Stetson benet will get them the football. And they all do different things, right? Gilbert Washington and Bowers. It's going to be a lot of fun. Georgia's office is going to be a lot of fun. So we'll talk with stetson Bennett coming up next week as well. I thought interesting again, 7 quarterbacks going. I thought it was interesting that Mike leitch decided just to just to pick three graduate seniors only graduate seniors for Mike leech. That's so unbranded. I don't even know what to say. I appreciate that. Will Anderson Jordan battle going to be there for Alabama. Those are two first team all SEC defensive players. At least two guys I'll be voting for next week. Jalen Catalan bumper pool for Arkansas, along with KJ Jefferson that Arkansas team is going to be a very, very hot topic next week. LSU Arkansas, Mississippi state, ulnas, that group of teams in the west is going to be a very hot topic next week. Auburn bringing tank bigsby a star tailback, first team all SEC player, Derek hall, first team all SEC edge rusher for auburn as well. Samuel schenker there the tight end going to go for auburn. So there's a lot of star power.

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