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Compare that with Dante poem played fifty two percent of the snaps. Come on short played fifty seven percent of the snaps. These guys don't play. They're not three down tackles in the system. So we'll see. And it's funny because right now they have jerem McCoy listed in front of Cohen. Short jerem Koi is the starter. Cohen short is the backup. They're paying Kwan short twelve point five million base. Alary next year now Carolina Panthers doesn't having listed as the starter. These are other sites Quant shorts making thirteen million eighteen point five dead cap space cap. Hit seventeen million. Yeah. And you're gonna tell me they're going to have him second-string. I don't think so. And like I said Kyle love who took his jersey. He's fourth stringer and he's getting fifty percent of the snaps. So it's going to be interesting to see how that shakes out in North Carolina. Did you see that they got these statue up in Tampa for LeRoy Selmon? Yes. Yeah. Nice statue. They had a good unveiled ceremony with his family and stuff. Tom passenger be writer for is the beat writer. He's one guy. Oh, yeah. That's right. The data parcel, whenever he comes yet. So he he tweeted out in response to the statue being he still butthurt over the Gerald McCoy. He said that statue a smiling too much. Never sacked anyone in the fourth quarter or lead a team to the playoffs. How seriously dude? Wow. But that also got me to him. We talked about. I had an add onto my reasons why I was having to see Jeremy McCoy go and it was because of his fourth quarter performances really his second half performances, but its fourth-quarter performances were not ten great. So I decided, I was like, I'm gonna look up and see how bad the buccaneers word in the fourth quarter with Jeremy closer of the buccaneers top fifty blown leads seventeen of them happened since two thousand ten when McCoy joined the team. Well, yeah, seventeen the franchise is forty two years old seventeen out of the top fifty is thirty six percent and should have been like twenty one percent. If you just going to be average thirty that's a fifteen percent difference that was double. It's crazy. Seventeen of the top fifty blown leads happened during der. Mccoy's watch and all we ever hear. Is how bad the buccaneers were since their inception. The. That so yeah, when you're thinking, bad football you're thinking, you know the seventies eighties not saying that they weren't mad. But when it comes to blown leads the aunts have it, what, what do you call in two thousand tens and tens, the tens and tens twenty ten I can't keep up with all those newfangled technology. Found that. Interesting. Thomas passengers talking about, oh, he's never a statue. He's going to give a statue a hard time, because it never went to the playoffs or won a game in the fourth quarter. I don't even really understand the tweet all I could tell that he was head as keyboard crying, because Jerry McCoy's the paint that's almost half seventeen half. The fifty twenty twenty-five seventeen blown leads of the top fifty that's almost half the blown leads in franchise history. The top fifty. That's crazy. We blew allow leads could have been could use some stops there. Defensively been are out, right. Kind of has been God. It's gonna be glad to get rid of that mess. Washington game seeing we live in Washington territory. Can't stay in Redskins fans that Steelers fans close the good thing about Redskins fans is they only come out in their winning. So they don't come out a whole. Yeah. We see on like the first three weeks of the season and then they pretty much call the season watch. And then you don't hear from them because God, it was so bad when they had RG three like the messiah they thought they were going to the Super Bowl every year for the next fifty years now it's kind of fun watching that dream crumble. But boom. Career real quick. But remember when we played them, and we had them up, and they came back and they beat us and who was a quarterback at the time he come walking out locker and you like that. Mother. Oh, that's still Jeff. Yes. You like that. I don't think I watch TV for a week after I couldn't I couldn't bear to watch people. Gloat stuff. Yeah. That network just kept replaying that clip of him coming. I hate when they show like great plays on the NFL network or something. And a lot of them are against the buccaneers. All that really bothers me. I'm just like that bothers me Chris Kante that his last game for the buccaneers. He gets that stiff arm by the is going to be known for when he's going to be known for its, it sucks. Yeah. I liked him too good player. He was John Lynch but it was a good player. Speaking players I thought we could play a little game, so we're gonna do. We're gonna look at the roster who's on the roster and decide if the player is going to be safe if he's on the bible or guy. Sean, and I have a spreadsheet, I'm recording all of them. So I can tell you how wrong Ralph was. And you know what's funny? We're talking about who's going to be on the roster here. Gregg Allman had a article out in athletic today where he's guessing the fifty three man roster was like, really did he should call beforehand because we were going to do the same. So that was from him. I don't know that we're gonna make a game out of it. It's gonna be fun game offense. Okay. Let's start with the center position starting to middle the buccaneers have Ryan Jensen and Nate trae win. Listen as center who was made trailing. Nobody. Yeah. He's a rookie drafted free agent. Okay. So I think he's gone. I don't think he's got a chance. He might get on the practice Kwan we're gonna pick practice players. Now. I'm just saying. So my prediction is Nate trae win. He's not gonna make it. Ron Johnson Evans Smith or pretty much safe. Right. Okay. So what do you think about Nate Shelman gone? I can hear your clicking second and hence. Okay. So Ryan Jensen. He's definitely making the roster. Shake quick copy my answers. I think we're going to be pretty similar on all of these thank God. We've gotten Zach Bailey Alice Kappa Ruben Holcombe and Allie, mar pet alley. More than Alex cap is staying see I think he might be. Yeah. Okay. Sam I was going to say on the bubble but he's Yang. They kinda like him. We need some depth. A photo did pretty good last year when he sold them. These other guys on Jack Bailey, and raven hokum ruin Holcomb, where do we get him from play the buffalo on the practice squad. Oh, he used to play. He was with us last year. We waived him before the season started. Oh, yeah. He's gone. Yeah. Wave him once again. All right. What do you think about Kayla Benach Eastone? He thinks do I think he could be on the bubble, especially depending on how allowed for does colder man. I don't know what thing. About him but kosh darn it. I want him on the team. We nobody's ever said anything about him. I've never seen a picture of never nothing but with a name like that. You just gotta be able to team now. He's on the Bubby on them. What about Michael p we gotta have tackle depth? I think we'll keep Sam Evans Smith's and Earl Vern keeping both of them. I agree. Whether it's Donald Smith guy. Question. Definitely keeping dominance Smith. Definitely keep it. The mar Dodson does say Rubinho comes gonna get cut. No only leave us with one backup tackle Kayla. Better not. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Kayla behind Johnson, right? Yeah. We've got Riley Mayfield tackle and Brock ruble, gone. I think to this because I don't know anything about him. I mean, we'll keep maybe eight off into line and they said that they may bring some in that's true. All right. Let's got wide receiving corps because this is just outrageous with that ten thirteen we've thirteen receivers. Well, okay. I'll tell you who's gonna it. Mike devons Scotty Miller, really think Scouting's gonna chard prayer. Yes. How many we keep how many why receivers six seven seven seven's number? All right. Mike evans. Chris Coggan shocked Perriman. Scotty miller. We've all seen. Anthony Johnson those forward Deng confident in Beverley, I think is on the bubble. Yes. Just lots of probably on the bubble to, we've got the Xavier who Bosie Anthony Johnson market, lodge K, Jay Brandt Bryant. Mitchell core trail Simpson's Spencer Schnell in one of those guys could pop off and Vavra job that low hanging fruit there. Bubba Wilson Justin Watson. Anthony johnson. I don't know anything about those guys. So I'm to say gosh, I would put them all in a bubble. So don't really think about if you had a gun to my head, I would go with Chris guy when paramount Bubba Wilson Mike Gavin. Justin watching Scotty, Miller in the rest of cut. Yeah. But there's a couple of guys that are in there guys that they like I'm going to say that court trial Simpson. 'cause they talked a little bit about him things on the bubble. Okay. He can make it. I don't know about Scotty Miller. Where was he draft in third round draft a pretty late fourth or fifth, sixth round to relate? Yeah. So he's kind of a launch to make it. Yeah. Normally they haven't been put him in front of the cameras. Lot. Yes, I watched a little clip thing that the buccaneers did the other day where they had him in training camp. They were just focusing on him. He might be favourite to make it. My thought is that Evelyn's Godwin. Thurgood Bouchard Perriman, pyramids. Get Scotty Miller put on the bubble. It's really depend on preseason. I guess because you get these guys training camp. They busted out when it comes to actually play in the game. They just disappear. Remember Kenny pill hill. He blocked that out. And then I think all the other ones cordray Simpson, I think, has the chance to make an exhibitor who both just because of the connection topples. He came from the jets might be on the bubble. Have the chance to make just wants him Bobo. I think are on the bubble just in Watson. The team has dome kind of marketing a little bit. So do you remember him from last season? He played sparingly, right? We have a cage a Brent wide receiver never heard of him who've been around the league for a while. Oakland Seattle Indianapolis, but he hasn't played a whole lot. He's been signed and waived and practice squad than waved practice. Activated within the Annapolis in December two thousand seventeen than they waived in the next year put on reserve injury problems. It sounds like he's been bouncing around for three years. Okay. Let's look at our tight ends. That's a tough one. This is the first to easy right at Ajay and camera. I think they're staying now said they're gonna keep three most likely for as long as the fourth one can do special teams oil, right? So I, I don't know. We have Auclair Donnie earns burger Tanner Hudson. Jordan Lega, Jordan Leggett from from. Donny earth burger was with us last year on the practice squad. I think Claire, they like Claire for blocking. Yes. But to me, he's a liability in blocking just in general and he got penalized. So many times last season. You gotta have at least one Canadian team. So I would go Jay Howard. Kamer -brate join Leggett in L. Claire. Okay. I would go. Bray. OJ. Dornan legand. I, I don't think I'll clear is gonna make it put him all the ball. We're cut him. Yeah. Too gone too long. So you go keep three titans. Maybe. Yeah. Yes. Merita Donnie earns burgers, gone -tainer. Hudson gall. Yes. Enjoying lega. They might keep during leg and put him on the bubble no-go quarterbacks. Interesting one here. How many are we gonna keep? We've got four on the roster right now. James Winston blamed Gabbard ride Griffin, Nick, Gerald, I think they're going to keep James Blaine, and Nick, I think, Ryan, Griffin's gone think Ryan Griffin is going to he was a favorite of Dirk, and I think it's Nick FitzGerald is stained for his versatility because he's a lot like Tatum, hell, they've, and I'm Blaine gabbert, the likes having that veteran presence. Yes. So agree with James wisdom. Blaine gabbert, and Nick FitzGerald copy of insurance again I. Okay. So let's look at running backs. Peyton Barbara Ronald Jones, Sean Wilson, their ogan wa Bali, Bruce Anderson and Andre Ellington, Peyton barber. Ronald Jones are staying a figure. We're gonna keep four running backs. Well, yeah. This one's MU would do. Gosh. The rest of them were on the ball to me. Yeah. John Wilson, they're open Walli verse Anderson. And Andre, Ellington, you know, I'm thinking of saying under is going to make the team. But the guy had a lot of injury problems, and be might have him in here, just for training camp to help the guys out only one, I'm set on his paint, and Barbara, I don't know about wrote down. Okay. I'm putting him on the bottle. Wow. Yeah. Well, what pick was he second second round. Yeah. Yes. Second round thirty eighth overall. They might stick with him just because it's a second round pick. And it's only a second year. He had great college highlights and day Rulli talk. Walking up this Nikko confidence issues. Right. Which understand it was last year. They talked about it all the time out. He just didn't have confidence. Yeah..

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