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It's, it's like, basically, it's radiation. I is I guess, like some type of ink or something that, like eats away all the cancer cells in the in the area, where it's the testifies, and if you can't be around people for like a couple of weeks because of the radiation. Oh, wow. They actually you because you radiated. Oh my God. Do do you know what stage it was in? If it metastasized it must have started. It must not have been a stage one. No, I don't remember what stage allies. But it's definitely sage one because I had to have a few things removed more than I thought, like I thought it was at first, you know, 'cause it with the with the thyroid cancer, like what they do is, like, I, they check and half the thyroid to make sure it's cancer like they take out half of it, and then they like test it under a microscope. See if the cancer cells in there and then, and then they'll if it's cancerous they'll take out the other half of your thyroid. If it's not cancerous they lead the other half. So you could live with the half of your thyroid. Well mine was cancer, so they had to remove the and they had removed oats drowning area. What exactly does the Siro do for person? The diary controls metabolism. It's controlled your temperature. It's based experts all your hormones and stuff like that so times, like I'll be like, if I don't take medicine, like I'm like, oh, why something on TV like, I'll start crying. And like what happened? Why are you crying? Like I don't know a very sensitive right now. He's like, did you take your like wait? No, I did it. So I go. That's all right. I, I think I might be getting older thing. I kinda do that. I'm not on any kind of medicine. Yeah. Sensitive, jimmy. Yeah. I know you got during ventures endgame. I was tearing general, but, like I get like extra sensitive like even more sensitive than I ready. Am like 'cause like I'm very like I want something on TV like it's like release Lee or like Karl urban outcry or got watching movie and like someone dies or dog dies. And I'm like crying like it's my dog or something worse, though to John your medicine. What if you turn like raging bitch?.

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