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Just is not with the. Thank you. Wow. What a great season it's been for our Boston Bruins. And we have the opportunity to do that with Brad Marchand. And we got to know him a little bit more intimately because it was a thirty five person events, where we had a QNA with him it was actually for citizens Bank. And he really opened up. He's a very cool guy. He's a big family guy, very connected to his kids and his wife. And, and also the outdoors. So take a listen to Brad Marchand. Oh my God. Are you not having the best season of your career? No, I'm benefiting from Burgi and pass avenue. The best cares. Yeah. We're, we're having fun right now. You know, we're, we're, we're winning a lot. So that's all the matters. So this is how you look in the days off or. I wasn't sure you always look good. Sweatpants. Well, we're happy that you dressed up for us. Shower too. So is there a specific routine like, you know, you've got your day off so you start now planning for what you need in your system night's game, actually, I kinda got into retain over the years, I did change. But I like to have fish or four game. So I try to keep it light. And then. Have a beer. Trickett by the way, you want to be the game that I can't I lied. Appreciate otherwise. I'd be on the floor right now. So good protein from the fish. Veggies. Sweet potatoes the routine mostly what I find easy to cook. You're not the biggest guy in the NHL Lord knows. Smallest either Turku smaller than me, right? Some of your favorite restaurant over the north end. So I tend to stick close to home. Just go ahead, say it Monica's. That's a good one. Obviously I spent that time at aria and Nico data great stuff lobster dish that just kind of fell in love with over the years. A lot of guys go to ocean prime kinda head over there alive the game stuff like that. What would you have been doing had? You not race. Boston with being a superb hockey player. Thank you, very sweet. Not really. You just go to. I always grew up my family's real estate. So I love a love kind of that business, but always saw I would probably be doing that. But I was at a big interest in, in being a police officer as well Mountie. Yeah. Actually. Oh, that'd be so coaches Mountie asked me one time when I was twelve or thirteen what I wanted to do. And if I didn't play off police officers, Jeff hobbies off the ice being kind of the mountain biking spin a nature. Aside the traffic in the buildings and everything when when you're in the woods and up in the mountains. I like to go to a place in Colorado, that I like to get out to see things that you would never ever see here. You know, so on a mountain lion last year to see that is, is incredible things like that. It's just to get away from the crazy life of being in the big city and, and settling down a bit. Once again Brad Marchand. Everybody your Boston Bruin. So we think about these guys as the extrordinary athletes that they are. But sometimes we forget their, their normal people, you know, they're normal people with, you know, families and favorites and guilty.

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