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That sounds like a character in a movie that i would love to watch denote. I mean like almo- or someone who is like has these romantic longings and pleasures that you seek out and make for yourself. I love that it left me vulnerable in relationships so re. Oh yeah yeah that quality was like here you go. I hurt just hearing that. Because i feel like some part of me gets that longing has been a very interesting word. This is very random. What i'm about to say an. I don't feel like someone who tells the story lot simply because it involves a singer that i grew up loving and i always feel namedrop but one of my therapists at a certain point over the last four years after my divorce sent me to amy. Grant's house he was just like you need to meet amy grant and i was like okay. Love her record. She already seems in djelic the best so i imagine you walking into like a house of light the best person and the most cozy beautiful household and she's married event skill which is like there was this. I mean they probably mortified me talking about it like he came home from the guitar store. It was just very like of course. This is happening. Went numb here. At amy grant house but she talked to me so much about just a terrible divorce she went through and falling in love with vents. And like having all you know like an aching longing that she feels like makes her not only love her husband but like her husband and i just remember thinking like oh the word longing it resonates in me so heavily and i don't even always know what it relates to i just as a kid. I was longing as a teenager. I was longing and even when you know the ban was like on top of the world and we're doing things for the first time that were so crazy. There was always a part of me and it got me into trouble a lot. Which is why. I say like when you say it was hard for your relationships. I relate to that getting manda trouble to that like longing feeling can you identify with the longing was four. Why i think i could guess ally. I feel like most of my deepest wounds or deepest things that really got set in to my foundations or just because of my parents growing up and they divorced. I was like a very dreamy. Romantic kid and i was like. Why is this happening every time we went to the mall. I would throw pennies in the wishing well and just be like. Please get back together. I was like. I just was longing for some version of my life that i thought i would never get and then i became a teenager. My parents became friends again and they never dated again at that point. I didn't really long for that. But i was always longing for what i didn't have an. I do think that that got set in with my parents divorce and then it sort of became applied to other things throughout my life. It was just a groove that was worn so deep it was comfortable. That was a comfortable feeling for me. That made me think about. If you are like me in the sense that i was never comfortable with the idea of a man taking care of me in any way. Yeah i think that that idea..

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