Georgia, Congressman Doug Collins, President Trump discussed on America in the Morning


B. J. Williams. A lot of public fighting among Georgia's top Republicans will have that story and others in just a moment. So far, though, no fighting on the roads because we're starting off with a clear commune around northeast Georgia. I'm Caleb punches with your first look at traffic after news and weather, it may look warmer than it really is especially with gusty Northwest winds. Its meeting about Just charm other me forecast next on Wdun. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffles Burger, calling out Congressman Doug Collins of Gainesville for criticizing the state selection process. Collins leading the charge for President Trump has a recount continues in Georgia's presidential race. Raffarin's Burger, also a Republican, calling Collins of failed candidate who should have done something on a federal level to reform election law was elected in 2016. Republicans also told the Senate and the House Come. A Republican congressman, especially good columns did not fix all those federal laws that tie our hands that do not allow us to clean up our voter Rolls Rapids burger, making his comments on WD wins morning talk yesterday at one point Rapids, Berger called Collins a liar because of the congressman's claims. It's signatures on absentee ballots are not being verified adequately. Secretary of State made his media rounds the rest of the day, making the same type of comments well, George is ongoing hand recount leads to more than 2600 uncounted votes and one northwest Georgia County. GNN. Rebecca Hubbard has that story. Donald Trump could gain about 800 net votes from the newly discovered ballots, according to Luke Martin, the chairman of the Florid county Republican Party. The agency reports. The ballot showed up in florid county after election officials did not upload votes from a memory card in a ballot scanning machine. The votes will likely help President Trump reduce his 14,000 vote deficit to Joe Biden and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Grafton's Berger says. Other counties recounted numbers closely matched the figures originally reported Republican Senator David Perdue says he will not debate his Democratic challenger next month, The Atlanta Press Club hosting a couple of separate debates for both of those Senate run offs. John Assaraf, telling CNN. He has accepted the invitation to the December 6 debate. He tweeted that Perdue was quote a coward for turning down the debate invitation. Wdun news time. 5 34 Hall County School superintendent Will Scofield, saying he expects graduation rates and test scores to fall significantly in the next year or two. Despite the fact that Hall County schools did set an all time high for graduation rates this year. I am a little concerned about what's.

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