Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton, Brazil discussed on Sterling on Sunday


They must really hate Brazil, Brazil. But here is here is this nut case who was Hillary Clinton's vice presidential running mate, saying that we didn't inherit slavery? Slavery from, you know, they said that they stay for years in the 16 19 project, but when the first slave New York Times that's that slavery is an issue in 2020 Because the Democrats have screwed black people for so long in so many different ways that now they're seizing it as an issue and they want to seize the initiative. Take control of this as an issue. You know where they want to own it As an issue, they should know that Southern man song you know better, you know. I hear screaming and whips crack. That's Democrats. That's Sheriff Bull. Connor was a Democrat, George Wallace was a Democrat, Orval Faubus was a Democrat, Lester medics was a Democrat. They're all Democrats. Most people don't even know these people already more because we don't teach anything anymore. Let's go to Tim Kaine. He doesn't know anything. He went to Harvard Law School, and he said, No, we didn't We invented We created slavery. It's like we we invented it. United States didn't inherit slavery from anybody. We created it..

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