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Giuliani gave you a call and I'm also going the have attorney general bar call in we will get to the bottom of it wasn't asking. I was telling Giuliani bar. Trump's personal lawyer and his attorney Attorney General his Roy Cohn the guy he appointed to protect him are going to give Zilenski a call zone Linski agrees to take their call but trump is still not done almost off hand. He mentioned that this is really ause. alinsky needs to do for trump to give him what he wants. This White House meeting the stamp of White House approval of American approval. Trump says quote. I will tell Rudy Attorney General. Barda call thank you whenever you would like to come to the White House feel free free to call give us a date and we'll work that out. I look forward to seeing you end. Quote trump right here was dangling. The meeting that Zielinski Linski team had been desperate to get in trump. Says they'll call you and then you'll get your meaning. Where's my Roy Cohn that's the question? President trump reportedly asked an anger after learning that his then Attorney General Jeff sessions had recused himself from the Russian investigation in two thousand seventeen president. Trump wanted an attorney general. Who would to protect them? Someone like Roy Cohn controversial lawyer that did represent trump and his nonpolitical career as the DOJ finds itself now at the center of the whistle blower scandal. Some are accusing them of protecting the president. The thing about a presidential phone call though is that they are not private other members of the national security team. Listen in is you taking the notes full of criminal conspiracy and it would be a bit of an understatement to say that most of the people listening on this call freaked out trump was is using the power of the presidency to strong arm to extort a foreign country to help himself politically he was once. Again trying to collude allude with a foreign country in this time he was caught in the act and it was so brazen that trump's own people people who volunteered to work for him in the White House who supported him thought it crossed the line thought it was too much in thought something needed to be done to stop him. Perhaps trump after Muller's feeble performance thought. He was home free but much. Like how trump's firing of Komi lead to the appointment of Robert Mueller trump's call l. prompted a whistleblower complaint which ended up breaking the scandal wide open so much in the Russia investigation in the Ukraine scandal has been incredibly complicated. Did but what led up to this call and what follows is a clear in straightforward sequence of events of a corrupt man in his corrupt team. Doing whatever it takes the help themselves. Even if it meant abusing their power breaking the law in extorting a partner of the United States. I Max Bergmann in this is the asset.

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