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Call me now? 73482 to 1600 hearts All sit down. Pay attention. We're starting again. We're starting back up the way that those cell phones or wait there. Snatch you bald head. I'm starting to begin here around years. I'm clear on that swept into my radio shock. See what Gerry has to say, Gary, welcome down the edge. Any brother. Um, I have to hand it to you. You've been right so much these last few years, but there's no consolation place because, uh uh, being right really is rotten these days, you know? All right. All right. Doesn't read doesn't get you anything. You just It's just we need to try and do it. I mean, it can get you something If everybody rallies around what's right, and I don't say I'm right because it's just me. Although I am I never lie and I'm always right. But But aside from that Ah! People are people are just going their own way. And many of the ways they're going are arrogantly stupid. Absolutely absolutely. We're I mean, who would go along with anything? Hang on a second. Who would go along with anything? I don't give a damn. Even if you're a communist, we'll go along with anything that's happening in California, where they have rolling blackouts where people have to sometimes wake up in the middle of that cold because there's no heat or electricity in house who goes along with that or mishandling force. That's they burn your house down. It's just another legalizing pedophilia. Yeah, yeah. Insane. People are running the world Californian particular Anyway. Good fun. I relocated. I'm down here in Tucson now and I for the first time in 20 years, give or take Have watched a programming for Children. And this stuff is really freaky stuff because what they have is the body of the characters are all Multi colored They have horns. They have tails. And they have these glaring red eyes. And they're looking at the little white girl and the white girl is sketched wider chalk white. Everything about her is what? And what are you talking about? What are you talking about? What show? I don't remember the name of its some kind of Rainbow Club or some because it was just on the TV and get this on the Netflix around regular broadcast network TV. What is this? I wish I could have a better answer for you. Because I was thinking I'd like to know if you find out. Let us know if you can, but go ahead. And and the next. The next program was about two parents really being mean to their daughter, and and in her mind, she was saying things I must fight back. I must defend myself against these evil parents. So once again, they were tearing down the family on then the last one, there's only three I'm going to talk about was a white girl getting the pope kicked out of her by these animated It's all animated. Other characters who had to go to the nurse now because she's all mangled. I mean, this is what the kids are watching. Why I've seen videos on YouTube. A couple of more exposed on was Carlson. What, but I've seen a number of them were Kids are making posts on their own news air like 10, 11 12 13 year old kids, For the most part, they're girls, and they're they're literally pledging crying, tears streaming down her face that they hate their parents. Hate the fact that their parents are white hate the fact that they are trapped in that home and they're posting things like that on Facebook, Not just one or two. A ton of people are doing this. Look, It's disgusting, actually. That's what a bump up to suicide rate. Yeah, absolutely. That's what that's what the argument was, is that the truth is, In fact, they're talking what they want to kill themselves, Things like that. Hey, let me ask you something. Are you in Tucson right now? Are you listening in from Tucson? Yes, sir. The reason I ask is I think if I'm not mistaken, and this is all blurry memory on Dever forget I came through the sixties, but at one point on the food channel, there was a restaurant. I want to say it's in Tucson has a great big logo on it so that the sun This looks like one of the best breakfast places in history. Mankind is that ring a bell down there. I've only been here for two weeks. Okay? You just called me from Michigan. I was up there on the guy that gave the cowboy hat to the lovely Linda of years ago. It's right out here in the hall. Yeah, that's just it. So when we haven't hear it when it's it's probably displayed Okay. So excited into sunlight can give you a restaurant chips. What did you just pull up Stakes and Sam moving Arizona Jeff family out there. How's How'd that work out? Yeah, yeah, family out here. My daughter's out here and she needed somebody to help watch my grandchild. And so that's what I'm doing. Look around, man, because I saw there's a couple of really cool. I want to say it's in Tucson. There's some very incredible restaurants, one of which was enough was a gas station. That and I'm so much and go into restaurants out there on a mask on right. I mean, they're still sitting at tables eating out there. Yes. Yeah, well, one of them was a gas station that somebody had turned into a restaurant. They did that other in Northville at a place called the garage. But this one was off the charts. Cool, but but the one I was merely impressed with Have a great big sun on it. And at one point I was being carried. And from the right radio and the people that originally put that together. We're out there and they said, Oh, yeah, we go there all the time. I was like jealous man anyway. See what you can find on that kid's show and see what you can find in that restaurant, the big sun on the side of it. Can't do it. Thanks for listening. Appreciate it. Uh, AOC. Let's talk about her for a second. Here. This is, uh You can write her often laughing her all you want. But this this mindset that that psychotic little bitch has Is chilling and people are paying attention to it. I here's what she's arguing whose AOC She says. We need a commission commission is being discussed. They're working it out on what they want. The commission to do is help rein in media environment after the capital. Bill Ryan. In other words, they say, You can't just spew disinformation and misinformation. This is Acosta Cortes. Mm hmm. She says that Congress is looking into media literacy initiatives that's thinly veiled. They're looking for people that they think, say the right thing. And if they don't think you're illiterate To help rein in the press to combat misinformation in the wake of last week's deadly breach of the U. S capitol. So allow me, Tom practice for you. These psychotics and she don't think that she's unique. They want a Ministry of information. Isn't it? Amazing how America is so easily gravitating toward this almost Orwellian fascist Orwellian things being overused, but it's true. Just straight up fascism. Now I have an answer as to why That's because people are no different than they've ever been. You look, I wanted to know. How could we do this? Well, because people are doing the same thing they've always done. People. Comfortable when somebody else is telling them what to do. You may not think so. But that's a fact. They want. And of course, if you if you dangle keeping you safe over there, all there are ready to go. Go right over the cliff to be kept safe. Keep us safe. Please keep us safe. And when you saw how Germany, Italy, Russia, China how they all went in Were the same people they were were the same people they are. And that's what's happening right now. And you've got people holding positions in government that don't they can't make the connection. It's like the Matrix. Just just quoted from back there. They can't see it because they're in it. They're straight up fascists, and they're every bit a comma sarin, the Ministry of Wheat and Warsaw 1968. How could anybody buy into that? We're buying into a right now. It's just uniquely American. It's gonna get worse. Lot work again. The on Lee solution at this point, I double dog dare you arguing the other way is long term on the long term solution is to educate yourself and your kids and everybody else around you..

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