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Scott Horsley reports regulators have a simple message for customers who might be tempted to pull money out of the bank during this anxious time as a kind of security blanket your money is safe as they say when it's in the back there have been anecdotal reports of people making large cash withdrawals Janak Williams who chairs the FDIC says even if a bank branch closes or shortens its hours customers will be able to put their hands on cash ATMs are functioning as as usual payment systems are functioning functioning as always I know anecdotally that we heard from several banks that they're actually using extra caution in cleaning the ATMs and sanitizing them some banks are getting extra deliveries of cash from armored trucks the people who drive those trucks are considered essential workers Scott Horsley NPR news Washington this is NPR and this is W. NYC in New York good morning I'm Richard hake governor Cuomo says New York is still working to get the medical equipment it needs to handle the surge of covert nineteen patients the governor said finding more ventilators is the state's single greatest challenge right now no one has a stockpile of these the federal government has to acquire them the same way we have to acquire Cuomo says the state's still needs about fifteen thousand ventilators to meet the projected number of patients New York City is closing some streets to traffic starting tomorrow the more is the move is an effort to give more people more space to give social distance in order to slow the spread of covert nineteen in Manhattan Park Avenue between twenty eight and thirty fourth streets will not allow vehicles between ten in the morning and seven at night there will also be closures on Bushwick Avenue in Brooklyn thirty fourth Avenue in queens and the grand concourse in the Bronx the NYPD will be on site to ensure safety and social distancing officials are considering additional closures in the future governor Cuomo says New York is still working to get rather no well he's also saying that we're looking to get them the for them we're gonna move on to the next door because my computer froze up theme restaurant chef Floyd card does has died of complications from covert nineteen is companies that car does died earlier this week at morning side Medical Center in Montclair New Jersey he was admitted a week ago with a fever Carlos was the winner of the third season of top chef and had a hand in numerous Indian restaurant in his hometown of Mumbai and here in New York City he told WNYC back in two thousand sixteen that he always aim to mimic his family's cooking for the longest time I still get people asking me when you get the best Indian folk and they ask every Indian person there no way to get the best Indian food and ninety nine point nine percent of the bill would stay at home Carlos was fifty nine years old and new York city's top athletes are dealing with the emotional toll of the postponement of the Olympic Games Natasha Hastings is a two time Olympic gold medalist in track and field from Brooklyn she gave birth to her first child last year and has been training to get back in shape for the summer she says while the delay is necessary to save lives she's still needed to process her feelings the night of the postponement I hear that some of my girlfriends and was like Hey I need you guys can we do a happy hour we had a a facetime group chat we all have a glass of wine I will just stop Hastings is spending her stay at home taking care of her newborn and recalibrating her training schedule for twenty.

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