Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Roberto Montenegro, Ucla discussed on Weekend Edition Saturday


Robert wood johnson foundation and the harvard t h chan school of public health that numbers begin to learn more about how he system affects people's health and their longevity reporter rail and bishop l has this next story in our nation's you me and then the day doctor roberto montenegro finished his phd but not for the right reasons i still cranes who when i think about it his colleagues at ucla had taken him and his wife to fancy restaurant they were celebrating his new phd insists geology and he was about to head to medical school he was legit we laughed and we eight end john jeff to pay for this but when they got an line for the valet a really nice car nick herb a woman got out and walk past the other couples in line montenegro says and she gets to me and she hands me her keys she assumed he was a valet if vividly remember turning red and i don't turn said and i remember my hogged bounding i remember feeling really confused end and hurt and angry five minutes later still waiting for his car it happened again and even now reliving that story it's it's uncomfortable this was not the first or the last time heating counter racism at conferences colleagues would accidentally try to order drinks from him as a medical student people at the hospital with sometimes mistake him for a technician or janitor even when he was wearing a white doctor's coat that happens to me so much montenegro's experiences might not sound like a big deal but researchers thinks that being discriminated against over and over again could actually hurt a person's health when you start to worry about some uh whether that's race or something then that initiates a biological stress response that amani new regita a social epidemiologist at the university of california's she and dr montenegro who's now a fellow in child psychiatry at seattle children's hospital are trying to understand what discrimination can actually do to your body that night people assume montenegro's valet turning red and my heart pounding those are scientists body was stressed cranking up the levels of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol this hormones can be really grateful for gearing up to fight or to flee but it's not good if they linger for example one of the things we're finding in my research is set on this process most of racism stress.

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