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And good afternoon and happy New Year. Happy New year to you as well. All right, we have a lot to talk about. But the main issue I wanted to discuss with you is security for the weekend of threats of armed Protest. Whatever you wanna call them, how's your confidence level that Santa Fe will be adequately protected? Well, at this point. I'm um you know, always cautious, and I think it's ah, there is there has been an increase in activity across this country that we should all be. Concerned about and taking precautions, but I do Want to report back to the general public that We are taking every adequate measure and coordinating On a level that also there should be some confidence. From our communities. That we will be adequately prepared. Number one number two. We are actively monitoring. So that if there's actionable intelligence, we will all work in a coordinated effort. And as I said earlier, um we have great freedoms in this country. Freedom of speech, Second Amendment, but no one has a right to conduct criminal activity. Harm individuals or property by hiding behind those rights. And that's what our task force and all multiple level law enforcement agencies are working toward to make sure that we have a safe weekend. And that no people or property or harmed you touched on my next question. Attorney General on that. How? How robust is eat intelligence gathering. You know, it's from the very local level all the way to the top. I was part of, uh, a FBI briefing from the actual director himself. In Washington. And so we are sharing intelligence and we are coordinating from the very top all the way down to every local Law enforcement Agency on Dis is a very positive sign. I can tell you. They're my 15 years of elected office. Have not seen this type of coordination. And but I do think it's appropriate. The threats are very real. And we are doing. We're experiencing some instability in our country that It's going to take that type of federal, state and local effort. I am really pleased to hear that you're taking this is in seriously. It's like, well, you know? No. This is just some kind of You know, Trump stunned, but it's not. We got to take this very, very seriously. How surprised? Were you? What happened in the capital last year? L mean last week. How surprised. Were you What you saw inside the Capitol. And what we found out since Smith's attorney general at the level of the organization, the planning and probable inside help You know, I was, um I was actually very angered. Um, I think there were numerous failures. But there's you know, been failures and government that you've become accustomed to. Expecting there could be bureaucratic failures just due to incompetence. What I'm very concerned about, Um, in identifying a new failure that I had never seen in my career. Um, in oversight and in law enforcement is that, um, that Some of this security and sharing of intelligence has become too politicized in the sense that The National Guard and Law Enforcement Resource is once there had been a breach and an experience of failure in the first phase of that terrorist activity. The politicians should have been able to draw down additional resource is and so for me. The darker concern is that it appears that Donald Trump and his administration Politicized and may have contributed to the delay. Of appropriate response. And that's something I've never seen in my career. Politics has to be set aside for security. We were, uh and and so I had never seen that kind of systemic failure where politicians could interfere with law enforcement. And our military's ability to respond once an emergency had already been declared. Our guest is Attorney General Hector Ball. Derris. Just so we're clear on this attorney general. What's what's kind of the organizational tree here for New Mexico in terms of the National Guard is everything flow from the governor's office. Yes. So she has authority over our national guard. She is what I understand, Deployed and federalized some of our, um military and then also, we have Adequate amounts station here in New Mexico. There has been an active state wide task force where the FBI, state police and various other law enforcement agencies Have been appropriately planning for some of the risk and level of activity that that we have been experiencing. So it Zeke White, Um Would say a very effective group. And then what I appreciate the most is that we're also tied into what's going on in Washington with the advent of social media. Um and, um, the evolution of what domestic terror I believe that we have not been addressing domestic terrorism. Systemically and we're behind the eight ball in terms of Um, really building the right infrastructure. But I would say that the governor And all of our local partners with our federal partners. Eyes, doing a lot of good work to catch up from previous administrations. To that point attorney general we had on random again yesterday. Not is an attorney, but in their roles a candidate for congressional District number one, and I asked her one of the things you're most concerned with looking at as a candidate. And she brought a reform of domestic terrorism laws and maybe reform of laws and sedition. Yeah, There's been quite a double standard. You know, we we had every resource and we modified Some of our freedoms. Um, balancing that with our unity to to combat international terror, and we We had terrorists internationally in their bank accounts. We used leverage of other governments. We we had a basically everything on the table type approach post 9 11. What we've seen here is that there have been leaders that have been very slow to identify domestic terrorism. And quite frankly, it's been Allowed to grow and fester in our country. And even in New Mexico. I think the last couple years I've been pressing the Legislature. To properly defined domestic terrorism in the state laws so that we could more aggressively target Militia groups, racist groups that have been organizing and they've been been using free speech and the Second Amendment or is a criminal element. That is hiding among other groups that are lawfully abiding by those freedoms. But, yes, I believe that federally and state level we have to modernize our state laws and our federal laws. To appropriately target domestic terrorism, and I think there has been some biased. Reasons for why we have not truly put all our resources on the table and been allowed to go after this. This scourge and problem that we have in our country, Attorney General As you said, we have to balance that with protections around our civil liberties as well. I mean, kind of the same thing as you as you brought up that we face right after 9 11 with a patriot came in in and we debated that you know heatedly is that I mean, this is real interference on our rights and surveillance. Big brother and all of that We have to guard against that as well, though. Yeah, I think I think in the past legislative bodies have been somewhat hesitant..

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