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This was just a stunt. This is just a retooling. Now, For those who don't know how this works. What Don lemon is doing right here is just fancy talk for the consultant, saying the current show sucks. Let's try to do something else since we've got you under contract, and it would cost us more to fire you. Yeah, I loved his quote. Everybody calm down, as if there were millions and millions of people you know who are crying and sobbing into their hands because because they Thought he was going or what? No, everyone coming. The four people who heard that statement and working turn, you know, two of those posted something on social media, and he's telling everybody to calm down. That's just funny. So this is what's happening tonight. CNN will rename CNN tonight with Don woman. To Don lemon tonight. Again. It went from CNN tonight with Don lemon to Don lemon tonight. This is just again the consultants at CNN getting together and going. God. When is this dude's contract up? He is hemorrhaging viewers right now We are losing our ass. Oh, my God. He's signed until when? All right, But we have to do something. We have to fix something. And I'm trying to imagine the you know the millions of millions of conversations around the dinner table of people going. Oh, look, honey, we haven't watched CNN tonight with don lemon in several years. But tonight it's Don lemon Tonight. We better tune right in. I mean, yeah, I'm sure that's happening. Left and right. 90 made a good point last week, and I can't remember what your date there Some shows where you can see people make it a point to go home and watch like I can see people going. I'd really like to get home by eight because I wanna watch Tucker or even if you watch another network, you know, I want to go home and see Rachel Maddow tonight. Nobody. And I mean, nobody gives a blue flying rats reread about Don women and his horrible program. And if you look at the numbers here CNN has lost 75% of its audience in Joe Biden's 1st 100 days. If you look at what their ratings were from when Joe Biden took the oath of office to day number 100, CNN has lost 75% of their audience. From the last week In January to April, 25th CNN lost 792,000 primetime viewers. Now MSNBC is down 788,000. Box is down 348,000 Everybody's down The post Trump world for cable news. It's tough because there's no way you could do what was done in the trump years. Right? 2020 alone crazy election pandemic all that kind of stuff going on. But there are some folks that are surviving. We mentioned Tucker Carlson. His numbers have never been better. Rachel Maddow at MSNBC. Her numbers have never been better. The five featuring our pal Jesse Waters, their numbers have ever never been better. Nobody from CNN's close to this list. But you know who another big winner is You seen Newsmax is numbers because they came out of nowhere. And I think a way in is doing pretty well, too. Now again. They started very, very small, and I don't know that we can call him legitimate competitors. But they've gained a whole bunch of viewers, including viewers in the Rockford household where we're flipping over. Well, I like Tucker. I like I like the five of some things we've mentioned here, but I got to tell you just for Daily day today news. I'd rather watch news, Max, and when I see these numbers of a post Trump White house here, this is why I think Rhonda's Santis has to be the nominee. And not Donald Trump. Now I love Trump. You guys know me. I was a card carrying member man I'm in. But nobody fires up that base the opposite base the way Donald Trump does. If Donald Trump runs again, the left base will be fired up. They'll get out to vote. You're gonna see Stacey Abrams and all of these folks talking about what a racist he is, and blah, blah, blah. I don't think the left. Is that fired up of Iran to Santis? No, I think it's really good point You with these numbers bear out to me, A lot of us, said rhetorically after the election, and after it was clear Trump had had lost. Um, a lot of us, said rhetorically. Well, what the hell CNN going to talk about now? I mean, it was all trump all the time, and we send in the back of my mind whenever I was one of the people saying that a lot of people did in the back of my mind, I thought well, they'll find something they really happen. And that's why they haven't had the viewership that they had even before And even though it wasn't doing particularly great before the election is completely tanked now. Descent. Ist to me is like Donald Trump. He's got trump tendencies. But the baggage isn't there. You know, he hasn't called a porn star horse face. There's not a story of a former Playboy bunny, rolling up a magazine and smacking his bare backside in a hotel room, at least not yet. Um, I just don't see the vitriol for the Santis from the left yet Now we got a long way to go, but I just can't see the numbers coming out. That's what I call the unforced errors. You know, I mean, there was just so many, it was almost daily. And you know, and I'd be having conversations with my wife and I'd say Come on, dude, I want I want to support you. I'm on your side. I'm rooting for you to succeed them. Talk about Trump here and I am Please stop with the unforced errors. And I think the Santis exactly to your point, Jason..

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