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Very much It's now 6 36 on Wall Street That's time for the Bloomberg sports update and here's John stat showing All right John no secret the Giants need to improve their offensive line They don't have a lot of salary cap space but I'm opening day of free agency They did add two offensive lineman Mark Lewinsky had been a starting guard with Indianapolis and center John Feliciano who was with buffalo another guard Lake and Tomlinson He's joining the jets coming from the forty-niners jets also got tight end CJ azuma from Cincinnati They reached on Braxton barrios who was an all pro last season as a kick returner tight end Evan engram leaving the Giants He was once their first round draft pick he's headed to Jacksonville Josh Donaldson joined the Yankees in Tampa the day after the big trade last year Donaldson while with the twins accused his now teammate Garrett Cole of using sticky stuff to help doctor the ball cold and stuck Donaldson out three times Whatever happened Obviously he felt like it was a better idea to probably strike me out but she did a few times So at the end of the day I'm happy to be on the same team And I have to strike out against him more Yankees have been in talks with Oakland about acquiring first baseman Matt Olson He's instead headed to Atlanta which means Freddie Freeman will likely not resign with the brave Nets way tonight in Orlando the unvaccinated Kyrie Irving couldn't play but did attend Sunday's home game also went into the nets locker room for doing that sitting in New York find the nets $50,000 Cameron Smith won The Rain delayed players championship golf in Florida by one shot John stash that one Bloomberg sports John All right John thanks a lot It is now 6 37 on Wall Street and that brings us to stocks and some of the names that are moving in the pre market this morning for that we're joined by Bloomberg radio and TV markets correspondent Gupta fresh offer 12 hour nap Fresh off my 12 hour nap folks I got so much sleep You're so refreshed So great Not to brag on a Tuesday but here we are You are seeing some futures higher when it comes to the NASDAQ 100 The S&P features kind of flat But underneath the hood only 16 stocks are actually higher in the pre market So that does tell you that there is looks like to be a little bit of pain here at the opening Let's talk about what is moving to the upside and that of course is going to be this airlines Delta coming out seeing one quarter or first quarter revenue excuse me about 78% recovered compared to 2019 levels That's a big deal because their previous view was 72 to 76% but that news is pulling up delta shares da L is your ticker up 1.1% in the pre market It's also pulling up the other airlines with it southwest for example LUV your ticker up 1% in the pre market UAL is for united up 7 tenths of 1% Even American Airlines catching a little bit of a bid here up four tenths of a percent AAL is your ticket there That's unusual on a day that's pretty risk off to see the airlines actually outperforming also keep in mind you are seeing some moves to the upside and the defense spaces a Lockheed Martin LMT is your ticker up four tenths of a person This looks like a continued bid from yesterday after Germany said it would purchase Lockheed Martin's F-35 warplanes as well as €15 fighters of course we know it is upgrading its military response creating a budget of a $110 billion to modernize its armed forces Of course on the back of Russia's invasion of Ukraine So you are seeing those defense names take a leg higher as well LMT like I said up four tenths of a percent But then there are some downside stories and we should stick to this Those downside stories for example are a lot of the oil companies Occidental zero XY is your worst performer this morning down 4.9% and with it some of those other oil names this really comes back on the idea of lower oil prices perhaps coming back on the idea of the China lockdown in Shenzhen This morning 97 24 is so under a $100 a barrel Ugly morning overnight in the Asian session Very ugly morning and once again it comes down to those COVID restrictions that they're putting in zero COVID policy It also comes down with some kind of concerns that perhaps China is the next country to be sanctioned just because of their ties to Russia and you're seeing that show up in those U.S. listed Chinese stocks The likes of Alibaba for example BAB as your tigger for the ADRs down 6 and a half percent in the pre market JD as well JD is also the ticker Also declining four and a half percent So keep an eye on those ADRs That's where you're seeing a lot of pain Yeah we were asking the question M live I should say was asking the questions My former employer Yeah And where are all the dip buyers Because they've jumped in since 2018 and so you know one of the questions to mold this morning as the NASDAQ futures turn green up 12 points right now Pretty Gupta from our markets team S&P futures right now two points lower and the NASDAQ the.

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