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I guess when i went to call versus camp that i wanted to call age and i guess just being maron like kind of seeing how they handle things and how they take notes and how they take like all this stuff. I kind of learn how to kind of like took it in watched how they answer questions and you know. It's actually really cool so i had to take it and learn how to like you know. Let's together a twelve year old. Where do you see yourself right. Because you're still gonna be what where do you where do you see yourself going. Is there someone that you see. That's like i love what they're doing. This is what i wanna do like. What's the question it's hard to say. We're living in anti right now. But where do you. Where do you wanna go with this. Oh god you know. I don't even know. I guess i. I have to see where the future takes me. I can't really predict where. Or what i wanna be when i get older but you know. I hope it's something that i just. I hope it's something you love to do. I hope i'm still acting. And i still. I'm i'm just i just. Oh gosh i just think the sky is yeah. I want to do with really doing this. Journey talking to the second coming of like kiki palmer like when he was twelve kiki with so many fires factor weighing factor about people in. This is a real. This is a real thing and you have it so whatever you decide to do. We know you're gonna excel. Was she born like this. Does she have that long hair. Whatever she did you just come out of the womb hosting..

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