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Five and you know that on the fence for those games and kind of take it all in I was a great way to end my career. You know, obviously. 03 when our wail Fort didn't at the end, But you know that one swing and one game and you know an extra inning game. You know, I'll take that. So setting up the situation. If anybody doesn't remember this, you guys it down by a run this two outs and nobody on Manny a home run in the top of the 13th Ruben Sierra who I got to tell you. He has been a part of like almost every big Yankee rally. It's incredible throughout history. Ruben Sierra is always in the middle of it. Gets a base hit with two outs. And then Miguel Cairo hits this R B I double to right center field to tie it and like you mentioned the pitcher spot is due up because Jeter was in the two hole came out of the game got pinched it for by Giambi and eventually Bernie, who started the game at GH moved to center. You obviously lose the D a troll. So you're up with a runner on 2nd 2 outs Now it's a tie game, but you've got a field behind you and you've got a rod behind you. Did you know I'm getting a pitch to hit here? I mean, even though there's a base open, I'm going to get a cookie here, especially when Leskanic fell behind you. Absolutely. But, you know, I gotta rewind a little bit. I mentioned that you know, I was able to get for the clubhouse. So when I walk in there, you guys remember John Lever was the right hand of pitchers. Not sure it was a nationally guy, so he knew how to hit He was actually taking swings off the tee, and I remember thinking to myself. I was getting 1 60 at this point, and I walked in there and I said if Joe Torey is going to send a picture of two hit pertinent search and not send May then it's time for me to retire and go home. So there were so many different feelings going on. And then finally, you know, both lever and I get out of the dugout on Joe Torey points in Maine sent me up there. But I had made a mechanical adjustment in my swing that day with Don Mattingly whose are hitting coach and he felt like I should stand a little taller, so he had the barrel on my back. Kind of pointing down my back. And when I looked at that at that, the first thing I think is the adjustment that I made with Donnie that day and the first pitch I saw from Leskanic. I just saw the ball so much better than I had. The whole first past I mentioned I was in 1 60 I was struggling. I thought there was a chance they were going to release me at that point, But the first pitch I saw from the Scandic there was a strike. I saw it well, and then Evan judgments I get ahead in the count three and one. And I just glanced over to Gary Sheffield. And I kind of smart, too myself thinking there's no way Leskanic wants him. He's going to come right at me and I cheated. I cheated for fastball, and he threw me a little cutter on the outside half. And lucky enough for May. I was able to keep it fair and for some crazy reason, Manu Ramirez being Manny Rivera. He was shaving me to left center field home career. I pulled everything I pulled. I never went the other way. So when I hit the ball originally, I thought it was gonna be a routine fly ball to Manny. But he had me shaded towards center field, and he's so A lot of things came together to Ah, that one when you see the replay that it's crazy, because it comes off your back and man, he's a 1,000,000 miles away from the baseball. So you see it flying and you knew right away. All right, The game is over. I mean, immediately. The game is over. So there wasn't any scouting report that should have led many in that direction. That was just a mania being Manny moment on the way he shaded you in left field that day. I listen. When I hit that ball, I said that should be a routine fly ball to left field because I was still in everybody's, which is made of coal. And for some reason, when I got halfway down the line, and I saw many, where square his position he had no chance. I'll take that. Obviously, man. You hooked me up on that one. John, It's going to John Flaherty. I gotta fast forward it to the playoffs. I've never gotten old four because I never got a chance to ask any Yankee descent. And I want to ask you this. When did you guys realise in the old for a L. C s That you could lose the Siri's. I mean, you guys are up three. Not then you kill him in Fenway was in 19 8 Whatever. Game three was. Nobody's ever come back from 30 tow tow win a Siri's What moment did you kind of think? Boil boy. The Red Sox could maybe win this that ever about that, John did that come into your mind The team's mind at some point or when did it I can't speak for the team, obviously, but when we lost game for the extra inning game, you know I walked from the bullpen. It's Fenway into the dugout, and I said All right, no big deal. We're in great shape right when we lost Game five. In extra innings and I was taking that walk from the bullpen to the dugout. I started thinking myself there might be look, Can we lose this? Andi? I was the first time it really crept into my mind. And then, Okay, we're going home. We're going home crowd. Everything's going to be fine. Lieber throws a good game. But shilling does what he does with, you know, And then once we got the game seven You know, obviously there was a lot of pressure on us and you know, I was in the bullpen for James. And we had announced ardor for Game seven. At that point, we're midway through it right and down on the open his hobby Vasquez and Kevin Brown and Joe to Marie calls down of the bolt pennies in a guy answered, and he says, Hey, is brownie there? I put him on the phone and all I heard was, I'll give you what I have. And I just assumed that conversation was. Can you start Game seven for us tomorrow, and Kevin Brown said. I'll give you what I have. And when that answer came from the phone, I kind of put my head down. And so I don't know how this one's going to go and Obviously we know how it turned out. Well, we know what he had, which was nothing, right? Exactly. We're talking to John Flaherty. Couple of things on this baseball season. Joe and I were just talking about it. Obviously, this is a season like we've never seen before. Assuming we get it started on time, and it happens. Off days for position players the amount of eating starters they're going to throw. You know how this thing is going to be managed. How do you think it's going to be managed? Are you goingto kind of look at position players? You think and say, Hey, go play every day. There's only 60 of these. Let's go or do you almost need to be more cautious because there was only a three week spring training and you wonder about guys getting her? What do you think about that? Well, you know, I'm old school all the way..

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