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A big backup on the Bishop Ford, and I fifty seven approaching the Dan Ryan because of some roadwork on the south end of the Dan Ryan and a new crash in northwest Indiana on eighty ninety four westbound right around central this one is blocking the right lane. Let's check your travel times Eaton's nineteen minutes in either direction between lake cook and the Kennedy Kennedy twenty two in from O'Hare twelve and from the junction, some roadwork. In the downtown area has a slow pocket. Their outbound roadwork on the West End and a backup from Harlem to Cumberland tend to the junction twenty four to hear. I guess okay. That's a twenty nine minute trip in either direction between lake cook rather between three ninety and downtown. The Stevenson half an hour in either direction between three fifty five and lakeshore drive the ramp to the inbound Dan Ryan from the inbound Stevenson is starting to load up Dan Ryan, fifteen minutes in either direction between ninety fifth and downtown inbound, I fifty seven and Bishop Ford are both. Jammed approaching the Dan Ryan, and that's because of roadwork on the inbound, Dan Ryan on the south and it sat in quite a bit to your travel time inbound Bishop Ford twenty minutes inbound, I fifty seven eighteen minutes outbound of both fifteen minutes. Also inbound fifty seven at one hundred and fifty nine th street, the right lane is blocked. It's a water main break some of the ramps to and from one hundred fifty nine are also closed the rest of your expressways, tollways in Illinois and northwest. Indiana are decent get traffic and weather together. On the eighth every ten minutes on.

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