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Cliff Kingsbury just getting the timeout in right before his football team almost had a delay of game lining up for a 41 yard field goal attempt, which, by the way was good. So now it's a reload. And I'm assuming Seattle did not burn the timeout and Arizona misses the kick. So Cliff Kingsbury calls a timeout as the play clock was running down. Field goal went through. They gave him the time out. Arizona reloads kick goes left tied at 30 for those like Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks might End up pulling this out and staying undefeated as Gonzalez, the kicker for Arizona, who nailed the 1st 41 yarder misses the second one. He pulls it left. They still remain in overtime in Arizona. Tied at 34. You found the dress show on CBS sports radio and CBS sports radio dot com I'm coast to coast border to border. And in America's took known as Canada. I've been asked by our friends in Canada to use the word too. So I'm rolling with that coming to you live from the rocket mortgage studios when you need certainty in the home buying process will own the fits your life Rocket can so Seattle gets the ball on the 31 yard line. And, of course, a completed pass for Russell Wilson right away and they're at the point in the game we're all gonna do is kick field goal to be able to win this thing. So Russell Wilson does not need Teo. Dr Seattle way down the field. I'm sure they'd like to get to a comfortable point, and boys could be a big loss for Arizona. There sitting here foreign to mean Imagine that kick goes through Arizona five and two. Then Seattle sitting there at five and one and there would have been handed their first loss last year. If you look at the luck factor when it came to the Seattle Seahawks. There was a lot of luck in their victories last year, and I think it was evidence by the way in which they performed in the playoffs This year. It feels like they're a little different. It feels like they're Muchmore complimentary and well rounded football team. Two minutes to go in overtime in Arizona. That game is tied at 30 for rolling along here on the grass show on the B P r O and 997 w p r o dot com. Talking a little bit about Tom Brady and I asked this question to you, America. Why do we not look at Tom Brady is a 43 year old man who is playing fantastic football. I don't get it. I don't understand why we're not looking at Tom Brady for being a unicorn. You know, I really thought about this, and I think there have only been Two other quarterbacks that I can remember in NFL history who, as they either turned 40 or approached 40. Had the kind of year that it looks like Tom Brady is about to have as a 43 year old in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And if you remember the last year of Brett Farve and I remember that last year of Brett Farve was fantastic in Minnesota. And we remember the call of Paul Allen from Minnesota. This isn't Detroit in the regular season. It's the Super Bowl man. I'll never forget that one. Has a hell of a call. She had bread farm in Minnesota, and then I would say Warren Moon with Minnesota. I'm one of the years that he put up was absolutely fantastic towards the end. So Tom Brady. Want to make sure I got this right here and that they updated Yeah, the Ah, The numbers, unfortunately, on pro football reference are not updated, but I do believe The Tom Brady threw four touchdown passes today. And had a rushing touchdown. So if Tom Brady throws no interceptions and has four touchdown passes on the year that takes him to 17 touchdowns, no interceptions and two rushing touchdowns. The completion percentage is around 65% and I were if I remember correctly here Tom Brady threw for about 325 yards today Might have even been a little bit more. I'm jumping to the stats. And Brady threw for 3 69 and four touchdowns and had what was it a rush for a touchdown on a Q B sneak so fine? Who cares about the key be sneak won't take that I'll give it to him. Whatever. Tom Brady today when 33 of 45 for 30 to 69 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions. If If an N BA a player in his age Performed anywhere near remotely like he did. It would be the talk of the town. That's unrealistic to think that a 43 year old is going to be able to hang in the athletic game. That is the end. You know, we've seen the mid forties hockey player. But we've seen guys play great into their mid forties and then we've seen Yaar mere younger. Hang on. What? Like 44 45 46 years old. Trying to hang on just to be ableto collect check. Knowing golf. It's a completely different world. A. You can be very successful into your forties as an individual golfer, but he couldn't do it on a tennis tour. In fact, most of the people say in tennis, it's more of the 16 to 30 year olds or whether it's male or female who had really making AH, making hay on that circuit. But this is a guy that you know what really saddens me is that people have jumped in on Tom Brady at 855 to 1 to four, CBS. And it's about stuff that doesn't matter. It's about stuff that you're relevant. What does the flake Gate have to do with Tom Brainwaves playing right now? What does Bill Belichick have to do with the way he's playing right now? Because I would think Now I know the My deductive reasoning might not be great. Here's the one thing I would say. If air pressure in a football mattered so much Then why is this guy still flinging the pill? And supposedly, the balls are checked and the NFL now by the way, the NFL is actually recording the air pressure. In the balls that are measured by the referee's, which is supposed to be getting done before the hold. The flake Aid thing blew up, however. The NFL didn't take it seriously enough to follow their own protocols until they sent in the old the skid. The Gestapo in there to go in and try to find what they needed, Teo to be able to. Ah, validate their thought process, which was that all must be New England and something must be going on. Because again.

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